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As a pet owner you have to be concerned about a variety of things. One of those items you need to pay attention to is the best flooring for dogs. Not all flooring that is good for humans will be good for your loyal animal.

When considering replacing your current flooring you should look at the pros and cons of bamboo vs laminate flooring dogs walk on. There are other options of course but these two standout as the better options to consider when you own a pet.

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A close look at laminate

It is a nice durable flooring surface that stands up to a lot of wear and tear as well as abuse. Unfortunately, this flooring style is good for humans to walk on but it is a bit slippery for animals, especially dogs.

You can get a good laugh watching them try to turn a corner on laminate as their legs work furiously to get the dog some traction. The smooth laminate is not a good choice but if you have a textured style of laminate flooring then your pet can get lots of traction and not hurt themselves.

The best features of laminate is that it is stain resistant, somewhat durable, easy to clean and your dog’s nail scratches are harder to see. The bad points are as mentioned it can be very slippery and it is not as durable as hardwood floors.

A close look at bamboo

This flooring style is very attractive and brings a certain elegance to your home. It is also strong enough to handle your dog’s daily use. Bamboo is very strong for humans as well as very pleasing to the eye.

Some of the strengths that come with bamboo is that it is very durable, it is very stylish, it is eco friendly, resists wear and tear and is very easy to keep clean. The negative aspects include that it is prone to weaken if your dog is not house broke, can get scratched up a lot, as well as be very expensive.

When it comes to bamboo vs. laminate flooring & dogs

The choice is really yours to make. You have to live in the house and look at that flooring every day. Your pet is not going to ruin either flooring option any time soon and it will be up to your preference and your budget.

While bamboo is more expensive it may be the better option as the look it brings your home is hard to match Plus, laminate may cause your pet to injure their legs when trying to get some traction.

Health wise, it is better to go with bamboo. That way your dog will live a little longer pain free.

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