Benefits of Using Computer-Controlled Plasma Cutters

Computer-controlled plasma cutters, also known as CNC or CNC, have been in operation for about three decades. At first, it was costly and out of reach of the little shop. However, things have started to change for the better, and over the last decade, digital controls have become affordable enough for even small fans and small stores. And in recent years, with the development of the processing units and technology, the computer-controlled plasma cutter has become more affordable and available.

Benefits of Using Computer-Controlled Plasma Cutters 1


Plasma cutters are usually close to surgical precision machines. With ordinary knives, it was always the hand of the man who did all the work, guiding the torch manually. That is the reason why the pieces cut with the usual hand knives seem rough.

However, current computerized plasma cutting devices generally use the operator’s computer to design the various shapes to be cut, as well as to regulate the plasma cutting machine. The forms obtained are much softer than if they were cut manually. These shapes can have the type of compound curves, sharp angles, and interior cuts.

Modern CNC plasma cutting machines operate on a computer so that the specifications of the products to be cut and their measurements are stored on the computer hard disk before the cutting process begins. That ensures greater precision when cutting metal parts into the desired shapes.

Greater efficiency

The main advantage of CNC plasma cutting is the increased efficiency of computerized plasma cutting and ease of use. The cutting process involves many complex adjustments. With such a computer-controlled machine, the operator needs only minimal training while ensuring greater efficiency.

CNC plasma cutters are also useful because of their very high cutting speeds. Computerized plasma cutting devices can operate at very high rates of up to 500 inches per minute.

Variety of materials

Computer Controlled Plasma Cutters can be used to cut a wide range of materials. The CNC plasma cutter allows the operator to make quality cuts in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Even metals up to 3 inches thick are expertly cut with computerized plasma cutters. The advent of CNC Plasma Cutting Machines has been much appreciated by professionals in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Computer plasma cutters are widely used in many workshops because they can create remarkable decorative metal parts. For example, these efficient machines produce residential and commercial signage, direction signs, outdoor garden artwork, and wall art.

A recent development in the field of computer-controlled plasma cutters is the introduction of vertical cutting tables. Horizontal cutting tables are traditionally used, but the latest computerized vertical plasma cutting tables offer a much smaller footprint, faster operation, greater flexibility, and optimum safety.

Where to buy a plasma cutter

Some several online stores or companies sell plasma cutters and can also be found in some hardware stores.

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