The Best 10 Inch Subwoofers 2020 – Top 5 Reviews

You cannot boost the sound quality in your car without a hardest hitting 10 inch subwoofer. In general, a sub is a speaker that’s responsible for bass, and the bass makes you feel good. That’s why it’s mandatory to get an excellent 10 inch woofer that can provide you the best bass, with no distortions.

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The best thing is that there are some subwoofers, specially designed for professional use, so they already have all these factors at the maximum level. Factory-installed auto sound systems rarely offer you well-balanced audio. They tend to provide you with suitable mid-range frequencies along with limited bass, and that is why we are going to review the best 10 inch sub in this post. But before that, we will look at the advantages of installing a subwoofer in your vehicle.

TOP 10 Inch Subwoofers Comparison

10 inch subwoofers comparison
Item Name Rating Price  
Rockford Fosgate P3D4
Rockford Fosgate P3D4
4.5 out of 5 stars
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BOSS Audio Systems AR100DVC
BOSS Audio Systems AR100DVC
5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Skar Audio VD-10 D4
Skar Audio VD-10 D4
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
JL Audio 10W0V3-4
JL Audio 10W0V3-4
4.5 out of 5 stars
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SKicker CWCD104
Kicker CWCD104
5 out of 5 stars
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10 Inch Subwoofer Reviews

Rockford Fosgate P3D4 – Hardest Hitting Sub

hardest hitting 10 inch rockford sub

Rockford Fosgate is usually a brand that is popularly known for sweet-sounding vehicle audio products.  This powerful 10 inch sub usually features dual voice coils designed using anodized aluminum for exceptional heat dissipation. The Rockford Fosgate P3D4 boasts of 1000 watts of high power capacity and 500 watts of uninterrupted power handling, making it the hardest hitting and the top 10 inch subwoofer in this review. All this vast power is typically certified by CEA-2031 standards, which means you can constantly bump this product without worrying about the subwoofer damaging itself.

The reliability of this 10 inch subwoofer is optimized through a multipoint stitched lead wire method, which minimizes the mass of every tinsel lead and also separates strain and stress over a bigger area. This subwoofer has a pretty low sensitivity rating of approximately 82 dB, and while it’s bass has a loud rumbling blow, it lacks the precise and pure clarity that other products in the same price range deliver. However, if you are looking for an extremely capable subwoofer with a good build quality that backs up its strong power rating, this hard-hitting 10 inch subwoofer is a great option.

This Rockford Fosgate woofer has a superior power handling capacity of 500w RMS. That means that you can use your sub continuously for many hours, even for days and it’ll not blink even for a second. The power handling capacity of this subwoofer conforms to CEA-2031 industry standards which mean that the speaker can handle power consistently without damaging its voice coils. The subwoofers cone is designed using the VAST technology, which increases the surface area of the cone by approximately 25%. This technology supports the production of more sound without increasing the weight and size of the speaker.

Every car owner wishes to have an incredibly strong speaker that can cope with extremely harsh conditions. The FlexFit basket feature offers you precisely that, as well as the advantages of reduced weight and resonance and that is where the supremacy of the P3D4-10 Punch originates from. The previous subwoofers designed by Rockford Fosgate experienced some heating issues which led to the launch of anodized aluminum dust caps and cones into this model. Besides, the woofer also features an exceptional spider venting which assists in keeping the motor cool.

  • Pretty clean bumps.
  • Super clear bass.
  • Fast response time.
  • Produces a loud sound when provided with enough power.
  • Higher RMS than most sub.
  • Requires a high power input.
  • It’s a little bit expensive but relatively fair for its value.

Final verdict

If you are looking for an extremely capable and one of the top 10 inch subwoofers with a good build quality that backs up its strong power rating and high power handling capacity, the Rockford Fosgate 10 inch subwoofer is a great option.

BOSS Audio Systems AR100DVC – Shallow Mount Sub

10 inch woofer boss ar100dvc

If you’re searching for a new automobile brand that delivers the best subwoofers, then Boss audio system is the way to go. The company has some of the most perfect and best subwoofers for your sound system. The Boss Audio AR100DVC 10 inch subwoofers come with a powerful 3-year warranty as long as you make your purchase through Again, the company strongly encourages professional installation of this audio product to ensure safe and proper functionality.

This sub has dual voice coils that provide you with more wiring configuration options. If you add more sub, you can easily match the wiring configurations to optimize the power output of amplifiers. The power handling capacity is also increased because dual voice coil subs are perfect for high to medium power applications. The voice coils can also withstand extreme temperatures yet maintain its fatigue and strength properties.

The voice calls are designed using a durable material, which gives the speaker the advantage of prolonged playtimes and lower weights. The cone of the AR100DVC hardest hitting 10 inch subwoofer is made from Polypropylene, which offers a durable and resilient material that can provide great sound with the benefit of long-lasting subwoofers. The surround is also designed using rubber, giving the sub the capacity to endure punishment with signs of damage.

The surround complements the entire structure of the sub by allowing continuous abuse where it’s most needed, without signs of wear and tear. The AR100DVC 10 inch woof also comes with a stamped basket which provides you with a rigid and strong platform which enables the listener to hear clear and clean sound. This subwoofer thrives pretty well in ported enclosures.

Ported enclosures are easy to spot due to the vent port. These enclosures are bigger than sealed enclosures, and they also have greater SPL outputs, leading to chest-thumping bass with more authority. For optimum subwoofer performance and proper tuning in ported enclosures, you can use an amplifier with subsonic filters.

  • Dual voice coils which provide multiple configuration options.
  • Clear and clean sound.
  • The sub is made of durable materials.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • You should buy the voice coil separately.
  • Not easy to install.

Final verdict

Whether you are building a huge wall of subs, or need a good sub for your vehicle to add some bass, then the Boss Audio AR100DVC 10 inch subwoofer will provide you with all the necessary features that will meet your sound requirements at an affordable rate.

Skar Audio VD-10 D4 – Sub For Daily Drivers

skar audio vd-10 d4 sub

Skar Audio VD-10 D4 Dual 4 800W Maximum Power car subwoofer is an outstanding piece of engineering. This sub is the best option when compared to other products in the same price range. This car woofer is designed as a powerful and incredibly versatile driver. The Skar audio VD has excellent sounds through a wide span of low frequencies that make them ideal for daily drivers. The sub has a unique cooling system and high-temperature voice coils. The double-stack motor construction and high-performance foam surround ensure that no essential detail is omitted during the development of this subwoofer.

Where mounting depth or space is a problem, this sub is a great option. The VD-10 subwoofer is incredibly powerful. The audio product is rated at a moderate 500 watts RMS power which features a high-quality 2-inch BASV voice coil. Moreover, the VD series uses only the best parts like high-quality foam surround, a two-layer Conex spider intended for high power handling and competition-grade cone.

All these components, along with the sophisticated cooling design of this subwoofer, enables it to fit in shallower enclosures. These features also allow this sub to perform with attitude as well.

A two-year warranty covers the Skar Audio VD-10 sub. However, the warranty is not valid in cases of misuse, improper installation, accidental damage, incorrect wiring, or running it using more than the recommended power. The warranty can also become void if the audio product has been repaired or modified by other third parties apart from Skar audio.

Any misuse of a speaker or woofer that leads to burnt voice coils or other damages from a lot of power is easily established because the company thoroughly tests all of their speakers and subwoofers before shipment. Therefore, such defects will not be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer.

  • Voice coils promote better power handling for prolonged periods.
  • High max power and high RMS ratings.
  • Superior sound distribution.
  • Incredibly powerful.
  • Super compact.
  • Guaranteed supreme quality.
  • Provides a good value for your money.
  • Limited warranty of two years.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a well-designed sub that features a sophisticated and clean look, then the Skar Audio sub-woofer is a great option. It has an incredibly amazing sound, and its design portrays its quality and sheer power.

JL Audio 10W0V3-4 – Deep Bass Subwoofer

JL Audio 10W0V3-4 10 inch

JL Audio is generally a dependable manufacturer with several decades of experience in the production of audio products. The company has many subwoofers that deserve a place on this list of best car woofers, but the JL Audio10W0V3-4 provides a good combination of value and performance. The subwoofer produces an astounding bass and is well built.

The 10W0V3-4 is usually a shallow-mount 10 inches subwoofer with an impedance of 4 ohms. It offers you 300 watts RMS and 600 watts of maximum power, more than enough for a standard audio system. The covering of this subwoofer is 25 to 250 Hz and has a standard frequency range. It also provides you with a standard sensitivity with a peak sound of 84.07 decibels.

Although this subwoofer provides users with several standard features after purchase, it also includes a few benefits. You can easily power the speaker with only 75 wattages of power, but you can also get the best performance with good amplifiers that can push 200 watts to 300 wattages.

Dynamic motor analysis optimization (DMA) offers the sub a cleaner and tighter sound. With DMA, your motors can maintain a more stable magnetic field, which results in less distortion when driving the limits of the audio system. The JL10W0V3-4 sub is a pretty durable audio equipment. When it comes to the cones, JL Audio uses quality polypropylene.

The sub have elevated motors to give the voice coils more ventilation. The foam surround protects the speakers while the polypropylene cone assists in preventing flexing. These features also ensure that this speaker lasts a long time.

One of the main benefits of the JL Audio10W0V3-4 is the distortion-free and deep bass. This properly-designed audio product offers you high-quality sound in an incredibly shallow-mount design. To enhance the quality of the bass, this speaker has a patented raised frame, allowing more air to flow to its voice coil. That safeguards the cone while giving it high power handling at the same time, which results in a fuller sound with some deeper bass tones. You can also install this speaker in almost any type of enclosure due to its shallow design.

  • Provides you a broad range of voltage alternatives, allowing you to utilize these speakers with a 75-watt amp.
  • Produces reliable sound and deep bass.
  • Incorporates DMA optimization which reduces distortion and increases stability.
  • Easy to install.
  • You can install it in any enclosure.
  • While it fits almost any space, the height may keep it from fitting in some enclosures.
  • Might require a powerful amp to hear the full range of this incredible sub.
  • Comes with a limited warranty of one year.

Final verdict

If you are looking for the best 10 inch woofer which provides you with a good combination of value and performance, then JL Audio 10W0V3-4 is an excellent product to consider. With deep bass, reliable sound, and easy installation, this speaker is a great option for most car audio systems.

Kicker CWCD104 -Small Sub

Kicker CWCD104 review

Kicker has succeeded in creating a less costly and more reliable speaker for the 10 inch audio market. The manufacturer has a clear understanding of the significance of small subwoofers and the power they must hold. With the Kicker CWCD104, you get a shallow-mount speaker with dual voice coils. The 4-ohm coils provide users with well-balanced sound in a solid design.

You can install this speaker in any car without any problems whether you’re upgrading the sound system in your truck, SUV, or car. That’s one of the shallowest speakers in this list with a maximum depth of only 3.5 inches. The sub beats some of the previous models by around three-quarters of one inch, which means you have numerous installation possibilities.

The product’s cone features a stable injection-molded polypropylene, which assists in preventing the speaker from experiencing vibrations or flex that leads to distortions at high volumes. This polypropylene cone comes with a rubber surround, which assists in round out bass tones for a warm sound. The rubber surround also supplements to the durability of the speaker and also holds up to continuous use at full volume.

To get the best audio from this compact speaker, you can use an amplifier which is between 300-wattage to 600-watts rated for one-ohm or four-ohm speakers. With the two voice coils, you can effortlessly wire extra speakers and select between one-ohm and four-ohm impedance.

The Kicker CWCD104 comes with a limited warranty of one year. Nevertheless, it also includes a money-back guarantee which means you have minimal risk when buying this fairly-priced woofer. This speaker does not come with a grill. However, a grill does not cost you a lot if you would like a good cover for your subwoofer.

One problem that might affect the performance of this product is its frequency response. This speaker offers you a frequency range between 25 and 500 Hz. With the additional mid-range sound, this subwoofer does not provide the deep tone that you can get with a sturdy subwoofer. After regulating the settings of the sub, the frequency response does not pose any problems, especially for most of the experienced audiophiles. Utilizing a preamp also offers you some more control over the bass tones, eliminating any problems with this wide frequency range.

  • Flexible and versatile subwoofer due to the dual voice coils and shallow depth.
  • Features a pretty durable design that holds up to continuous use.
  • The quality and sound are impressive.
  • Easy to hook up.
  • Light and durable.
  • Broad frequency response which allows more mid-range tones.
  • Comes with a limited warranty of one year.

Final verdict

The kicker sub is one of the best 10 inch woofers which provide the best bass for the money, and it’s versatile as well. That ensures that it performs well in sealed or even invented enclosures. With a resilient, updated, and an easy to use steel basket with a double stitched surround, this subwoofer looks remarkable as it sounds. The kicker CWCD104 is not only a reliable, but it’s also a steadier product, and you won’t go wrong if you buy this speaker.

Ant The Best 10 Inch Subwoofer is:

Best 10 Inch Subwoofer

At the top of this list of 10 inch subwoofers, the Rockford Fosgate P3D4 is the winner when it comes to the good 10 inch subwoofers. It might only provide a maximum of 500 RMS wattages of power, but you can easily get richer and warmer bass tones at almost full power without any distortions.

Best Cheap 10 Inch Subwoofer

best cheap 10 inch subwoofer

For those looking for a cheap shallow-mount 10 inch subwoofer, the BOSS Audio Systems AR100DVC is the best choice in this list. This subwoofer is affordable but also features a shallow design which provides more installation options.

Benefits of Having a Sub

Are you considering improving your audio experience when driving your car? Here are some of the major reasons why a subwoofer is a necessity in your vehicle, which might convince you to buy one now and also have it installed in your car as soon as possible:

car with subwoofers

Boosts your audio experience

Improving your audio experience is one of the main reasons why most individuals include one or more subwoofers in their vehicle audio. With a 10 inch woofer dedicated to delivering powerful and clean bass tones, you can easily change the quality of your vehicle audio experience. Adding one or more sub also enables the amplifier to send high frequencies to the system’s tweeters. If the tweeters can handle the upper range and the subwoofer gets the low ranges as intended, you can get a full sound.

Prevent distortions

If standard speakers in your vehicle reproduce the range of bass, they tend to seem distorted. That is because the sound is powerful, and the speakers are under-functioning. This problem can get resolved through the use of a vehicle subwoofer.

Extends the lifespan of your speakers

A high volume of bass can be great when it comes to the quality of the sound, but it can negatively affect your speakers. Besides, it can also accelerate its wear and tear because they are not designed to handle incredibly powerful sounds, and that’s where the sub come in.


The best 10 inch subwoofers combine better power handling with sound quality as well as the limits of space constraints. Whenever you are shopping for a woofer, always ensure that you pay close attention to these factors: Voice coils, the sensitivity of the speaker, and power ratings. With this review of the top five 10 inch subwoofers, you should not have any problems finding a suitable selection for your sound system. You should remember the total wattages available from the amplifier and the ohms of your existing speakers before buying a car subwoofer.

Lastly, there are lots of considerations and aspects that you should make when it comes to customizing your car’s audio system. However, due to the great advances made by many brands, even inexperienced users can quickly and easily upgrade their sound systems. In addition to this, the audio market is vast, so regardless of the enhancements you’re looking to get, you won’t have an issue finding the right equipment to make the necessary changes.

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