The Best Foot Massagers of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Your feet are what get you to and from work and help; you enjoy life with your family. But…

They are often the most abused part of your body. You stuff them in ill-fitting shoes and keep them cooped up all day with no sunlight or air to breath. It’s no wonder at the end of a busy day you feel exhausted and irritable. Did you know that according to Reflexology experts your feet affect every major organ in your body? That even includes your libido!

foot massager review

However, there is good news. By getting a great foot massage, your tired feet can become reinvigorated and renewed energy can course through your veins as well.

Today, most high-end Health Clubs, Spas, and Wellness Clinics in America have a foot masseuse on staff and they are treated as an equal to any of the other health modalities currently being used as alternatives to costly doctor visits, pills, and orthopedic inserts to help your feet heal and help you get and stay healthy.

However, you don’t have to spring for the high cost of a spa or Health Club membership. You can get the same energizing and health benefits of a foot massage right there in your home.

That’s what we are going to show you today 5 of the best in foot massagers in this foot massager review. We are about to go over 5 of the best. You can get them from the Cloud and have in your home in just a few days. You can have a foot massager that can do almost everything that a professional TCM specialist can do and in the privacy of your living room.

Foot Massager Comparison

Item Name Rating Price  
MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager
MedMassager MMF06
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager
HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager
4 out of 5 stars
Check Price
The Sharper Image MSG-F110 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager
Sharper Image MSG-F110 Foot Massager
4 out of 5 stars
Check Price
uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0
uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0
4 out of 5 stars
Check Price
uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Multi-Level Settings, Delivers Deep-Kneading Massage Relief
uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager
4 out of 5 stars
Check Price

Foot Massager Reviews

MedMassager MMF06 Foot Massager

feet massager reviews

This foot massager features a raised bar that lets you massage the central part of your arch, which takes a beating when you are standing at work all day.

Foot therapists, doctors, use this massager and those involved with diabetes and neuropathy therapies. It has below the “Arch Bar” a pad with special raised massage points to stimulate the acupressure and reflex points that send energy to the various organs in your body to help promote health and restore your lost energy.

The unit is canted at the proper angle for comfort and to help blood flow. The massager features 11 speeds that allow you individualized foot therapy program. It will soothe or invigorate you with a selection of vibration rates that range from 1,000 to 3700 rpm. This means it is the most powerful massage action allowed by law in the US.

The Pad oscillates and stimulated your feet. This releases tension and this has a domino effect that cascades from your feet up your legs to move throughout your body.


  • 1000-3700 rpm vibrating action.
  • Rugged, designed for years of use.
  • Designed by the experts who know your foot’s needs and how to satisfy them.
  • 11 Speeds to tailor the amount of massage your feet feel comfortable with.
  • I have Happy Feet again. This massage has helped with my neuropathy and it helped increase the blood flow to my feet.
  • I have spurs and after work, my feet are killing me. The MedMassager brings my feet back to life and I can feel like a person not a grump after work.
  • One of the quietest devices I’ve ever used. I drift off and after about 30 minutes I am ready to go out with the kids and enjoy playing ball in the yard.
  • I have one under my desk at work. I take a break and get re-energized during lunch and I finish the day feeling great.
  • No foot pain anymore.
  • For my diabetes, it has been my salvation. My feet don’t hurt anymore after work. I can walk around the house and even go out dancing again.
  • Wish it had a carry handle to let me take it with me everywhere.
  • I had a problem with the speed control knob. The company president called me and as a result, the entire batch was recalled and the missing Loctite was applied to the set screw.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

This reviewer sits for hours in one position every day. The use of a foot massager likes this one helps relieve fatigue and keeps the blood flowing.

This particular massage comes highly recommended by doctors, therapists, and the many who own it in the home. It has the features you want in a good foot massage. It targets the various trouble spots in a person’s feet and the arch bar lets you get the center of most foot problems, which are caused by poor arch support in today’s shoes.

You also can customize your massage session from a simple and relaxing 1000-RPM vibration to the max that makes you want to get up and dance in 11 graduated steps.

So, if you are suffering from tired feet. If you trudge home every day from work and you just want to get rid of all the day’s stress and fatigue. Here is the answer and with 30 minutes, you are ready to do more than sit, watch TV, or grumble about how much your feet hurt.

Use the MedMassager and your feet will be happy and with happy feet, you can enjoy life again.

HoMedics Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

homedics feet massager

Shiatsu is a Japanese method of massage that works on the body’s trigger points and by pressing on them causes your muscles to relax and tension fade away. Once the tension is gone, blood flows freely once more and the muscles get the needed oxygen and nutrients to make them healthy once more.

The spirit of a Shiatsu is embodied in this foot massager and unlocks the hidden energy in each cell of your foot to heal pain, tension, and get you feeling at your best.

Heated to give better attention to tired and hurting feet you have the perfect foot massage that used 6 individual massaging heads with 18 nodes of massaging action. This is like having 6 hands and 18 fingers to rub and work on the key points that relief stress and give you more energy with toe-control that directs the amount of heat and massage your feet receives.


  • 6 rotating massage heads.
  • 18 nodes that put the right amount of pressure where it is needed most.
  • Heat that soothes away aches and pains.
  • Controlled by a push of your toes to operate.
  • Teachers work on their feet for 8 to 12 hours a day. I combine this with a Shiatsu neck massager at the end of the day and I am on Cloud Nine.
  • If you want to get that Spa Massage at home and don’t want to spend all that money. Here is the route to take. It does the job and you feel like a million in no time at all.
  • I’ve owned mine for 2 years and my wife and I both use it if we have had a bad day at work. It perks us up to enjoy the evening together.
  • I felt the sore spots on my foot in the first few seconds of turning it on. Then the pain turned to pleasure and my feet began to relax and with the kneading action started to feel more alive and full of energy again.
  • I was hoping for more heat. But it works great in the massage department so no complaints in that respect.
  • If you have ticklish or sensitive feet wear thick socks as this massager puts on the pressure and I sometimes had to wear padded socks as I was laughing too much and wiggling to keep my feet positioned properly for a good massage. Once I got around that my feet feel better than ever before.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

The art of Shiatsu is one this reviewer knows well from the days in the dojo. After a hard session of sparring, you have aches and pains in places you didn’t know about. Shiatsu was a way to work out the kinks and stiffness. When used with the feet it unlocks organs and the meridians that allow proper flow of energy throughout the body.

If you do not buy all that eastern TCM methodology then understand that it opens up the blood vessels in the sole of the foot that helps your heart pump blood throughout your body while standing. You have healthier feet after a brisk rubdown and the heat soothes tired feet just like a warm soak without the water.

Not too hot, mind you, but enough to relax and invigorate sore and tired feet who have been holding you up all day at work.

So, at a cheap price you get the benefits of a foot massage and without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Sharper Image MSG-F110 Shiatsu Foot Massager

sharper image foot massager

If you want a deluxe Shiatsu foot massage the Sharper Image will do the trick nicely. It is more advanced as it does the massage, has the heat, and has a control panel that a space shuttle pilot would envy. You put your feet in, it will then do its thing, presto your feet have a professional massage and you still have time to hit the bowling alley with your buddies, and your feet are raring to go for a night of fun with your friends.


  • Soft touch control panel. Tells the massager what to do.
  • 3 modes of operation that lets you choose the type of massage you want.
  • Cushiony support in two separate compartments that massage each foot.
  • Good massage and my feet feel good afterward.
  • Once you get past the controls the rest is easy and you can get a nice massage for after a hard day at work.
  • Sit back and let the computer massage you.
  • Good massage and the blood is back in my toes where it belongs.
  • I like the feel though at first, I was a little claustrophobic about putting my feet into an enclosed box.
  • A bit pricey that I could have gotten from another Shiatsu massager but it works ok.
  • The controls are a bit daunting to just get a simple massage.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Ergonomic and sleek describes this massager the best. It looks more at home in a lawyer’s office rather than someone who works on a factory floor or has to stand 8-12 hours a day teaching in a grade school or college.

The unit performs well and gives a decent massage. However, this reviewer feels the makers should have done more with the actual massage features and not tried to go with the space-age decor.

The final overall impression is that the product is well made but another massager could do the work equally well without the complexity.

When you come home, you want to kick off your shoes and just vegetate a bit and move your toes to get a massage without having to bend over, push different buttons to get some relief from the aches and pains of the day.

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0

foot massager reviews

This massager works the bottoms of your feet. When it’s finished you have had a massage that would cost you a chunk of change and have to drive a ways to find a place in Chinatown to get it done right.

Rotating balls hit the pressure points with a gentle action that relaxes as well as works the stress out of your feet.

Fabric gloves enclose your feet and then with heat and pressure the machine works its magic to take away pain and aches from standing in uncomfortable shoes and long stints standing on the job.

The blood flow increases and your feet feel better than you ever thought possible to do.


  • Put your feet in as it wears like a pair of socks.
  • Up and down massage action along with rotation at the bottoms of your feet.
  • Comfortable and your feet have never felt better afterward.
  • It fits my feet unlike my shoes and I feel great after it has done massaging my feet.
  • Great massage, almost as good as the one I got in Tokyo last year.
  • I’m hooked on foot massage since Bangkok. I wear heels and my feet are killing me after work. This massager is almost as good as the one at the Jade Lotus and I don’t have to fly half way around the world to have my feet done.
  • Works the muscles and relieves tired feet and makes me able to help the kids with their homework and make dinner too.
  • Get a Shiatsu massage once and you’ll see how this unit compares. You will see how good it works and how great your feet will feel.
  • What the manual says it does and what you feel are different. No vibration was felt when selected. The kneading action increased however.
  • Expensive and not what I expected.
  • Customer service refers you to Amazon. At least Amazon took it back.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

The massager that the reviewer used was nice and it was relaxing. Like one of the other units tested, its controls were a bit puzzling and the features that were supposed to function were not apparent. The heat and massage action, however, were adequate for most foot problems and blood flow was enhanced.

However, the Customer service people were not helpful to some of the customers and Amazon was cited as dealing with the problems that the uComfy people would not. So, we give our Kudos to Amazon and “Tsk Tsk” to uComfy.

Overall, it is a good massager, though; it doesn’t deliver the extras it says for the price.

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager

ucomfy massager

Another entry from uComfy is a variation of the previous one we’ve reviewed. In this version, the back of the heel is addressed where many critical acupoints and Reflex trigger points are located. There is one spot in particular which stimulates your libido is of use for those who are extra tired after work. This massager gives five levels of massage and does it without the heat of the previous model.

The controls are centered and you don’t have as far to reach to change settings that give you the massage you want.


  • Massages from the bottom and side to reach those hard to reach places that are often missed.
  • Low silhouette and sits close to the floor and lets you slide it out of site or have it under your desk at work.
  • Small, light, and easy to take with you anywhere you want to have a great massage.
  • If you want a quick quiet shiatsu massage this is the one to buy.
  • Makes my feet feel great and takes my mind off the stresses at home and work.
  • The gentle rubbing action makes me relaxed and I can think about what I am going to do tomorrow.
  • My feet get tingly and after a busy day shopping or taking the kids to sports practice I am ready to collapse. This little machine perks me back up and I can make dinner and help the kids with their reading and algebra.
  • Makes tired feet as good as new.
  • Controls are a bit arcane and the manual is in multiple languages so you have to find the right part.
  • Feels like a mini cement mixer on my feet. Didn’t feel much in the way of a massage.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

This is the second of the uComfy massagers this reviewer has tried and this one is a bit different from the other one that was reviewed earlier.

The mechanism is modified slightly and leaves off the heat that the other sported. However, the same company makes it and some of the same bugaboos are there. Customer Service is still spotty.

However, this model seems to be an improvement over the earlier ver. 1.0. It still asks a high price for a one size fits all massager. So, overall, it is a step in the right direction but CS needs to work on their customer skills more.

Best Foot Massager

Best Foot Massager

After looking over many massagers, we settled on the 5 we’ve reviewed for you today. The best of the lot in our opinion is the MedMassager, as it has the power to get through to the places where it needs the most work. Nikola Tesla designed something similar back in the early part of the 20th Century and he wrote about how to increase “Human Energy” in one of his many articles.

Vibration is the key to unleashing human potential he stated, his therapy device was copied, and its use spread across America. This unit bears a resemblance to his device. It is, of course, made of modern materials, as well as its controls are user-friendly, and is much safer than Tesla’s.

It focuses on the pressure points and transmits the healing vibrations to each and when you are done your feet feel like a million and you have regained some of your lost energy as well.

However, if you don’t want to shell out the money for the best than our second choice can still give you the foot relief you crave in a good foot massager.

Best Cheap Foot Massager

cheap foot massager

The Homedics is put out by many who slap their logo on it and it is one of the cheapest you can find on the market today. It gets the work done right, the heat it puts out relaxes you and soothes, and at a lower price than some of the others, we’ve looked at.

So, if you want a good massage for your feet at a rock-bottom cost this is the one.

Final Thoughts

Shiatsu is an Asian art that releases pain and stimulates the whole body via the many acupoints in the feet. Whether the theory behind it is scientific or not the results speak for themselves.

People praise their massagers, the massages they get, and they seem to be able to cope with the work stress better after getting such a massage.

The 5 massagers we’ve reviewed do a great job at emulating the hands of a Shiatsu Master and give similar benefits in your home.

Both doctors and therapists alike recommend our choice so we go with it over the rest. However, if you just want a good massage then our second choice will do that cheaply and the other three will give you something in between the two extremes.

So if you want your feet to feel great go with a Shiatsu massager and get the best foot massager from Amazon.

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