The Best Jump Starter for 2020 – Top 5 Reviews

You could wait for AAA or you could flag down another vehicle and hope they have jumper cables. A roadside service vehicle might luckily pass by and the person will jump out and carry a small box that in a few seconds has your car up and running. You look at it and marvel. You ask what it is and where can you get one in case you are ever stranded with a dead battery again.

best jump starter review

Well, it’s called a Jump Starter or Jump Pack. It is required gear now for Roadside Service vehicles, roving security personnel in office complexes, malls, and major parking lots.

Today, you are going to see 5 of the best. From there you can pick the one you like. However, after reading our reviews you’ll become aware of that our choice for the best as well as our choice for the cheapest coincides with your analysis and gut instinct as well.

To keep your family safe and ensure you can start your car no matter what you will agree there is nothing better than having a Jump Pack in your car Nowadays just in case.

Jump Starter Comparison

Item Name Rating Price  
Jump-N-Carry JNC950
Jump-N-Carry JNC950
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Schumacher DSR115 DSR ProSeries
Schumacher DSR115 DSR ProSeries
4 out of 5 stars
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STANLEY J5C09 Power Station
STANLEY J5C09 Power Station
3.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Schumacher SJ1328
Schumacher SJ1328
3.5 out of 5 stars
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Jump-N-Carry JNC660
Jump-N-Carry JNC660
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Jump Starter Reviews

Jump-N-Carry JNC950

jump and carry jnc950

JNC Jump Starters come in a variety of sizes and power output depending on your needs and your budget constraints. If you need the juice for larger engine vehicles then the JNC950 has the muscle power to get the job done.

This model is the one to ensure your camper or RV gets moving again if the battery dies. The name tells you the cranking power you have at 950 amps. The Peak though is a whopping 2000. This is not you do everything Jump Pack. It is made to do one thing and do it well. It gets you moving in Chicago’s freezing cold or Arizona’s blistering heat.

You have industrial sized clamps that lock securely in place and heavy-duty cables that can handle the current. This is not a toy. It puts out a serious amount of Amps.

This is the unit, which can get your cabin cruiser on the lake ready for fun after being in storage. Trucks and other heavy use machines can benefit from the extra power that this Jump Starter puts out. It can run DC powered items as well and depending on their size will do so for 8 hours or more.

So, whether it’s for a vehicle that gets you to work, fun, and perhaps is the means of your livelihood. The JNC950 will keep you powered up and moving.


  • 2000 Amperes with 950 amp crank power.
  • Long term 12 VDC output.
  • It has a built-in recharge system.
  • Large heavy-duty clamps and 68″ cables.
  • Built-in volt meter.
  • One button does the magic.
  • For a commercial shipping center like mine, it keeps all my trucks moving.
  • 68″ cables mean it attaches anywhere it needs to.
  • Runs our cooler during the day and charges up in the hotel at night.
  • When you are stopped in the middle of Timbuktu and the nearest AAA is a few hundred miles away you’ll be glad you spent the extra bucks.
  • Cranking power you need for a Minnesota blizzard and bone chilling cold.
  • In Dakota, you want this kind of crank when you are snowed in.
  • I launch model rockets, fly RC planes, as well as camp and run a mobile Ham Radio station. The JNC950 is the backbone of it all. Plus it has also gotten me going again when things got tough.
  • Fantastic machine, just it is very expensive.
  • Arrived damaged, had to replace.

Final Verdict

The vast majority of owners love the JNC950 as it has the extra amps for any job big or small. You can jump start a dinosaur and it hardly drops in power. The biggest negative is its price. However, how much is your safety or that of your loved ones worth?

You want to have the power to jump your vehicle no matter what. Places in the North like New England winters, the western states where it gets cold or there is no one to help for miles. You cannot put a premium on that. There are also those who need their vehicles running as part of their livelihood. The JNC950 keeps their wheels moving and the money coming in. So, when you need the power for work or for fun the JNC950 gets the job done.

Schumacher DSR115 DSR ProSeries

schumacher dsr115 dsr proseries

Your dead battery and power problems have the solution that now comes in one package. “How?”, you may ask.

The DSR115 does it all. It has 1200 amps, which cranks over the most stubborn motor, it has a USB port for personal electronics, and it has a built-in 120-volt Inverter along with a built-in compressor. All four are combined in an ergonomic and easy to use package. The DSR115 has an internal charger to make sure it is always ready to go when you are as well.

You have peace of mind when you park, knowing that you will always have the power you need to jump-start your care no matter the weather conditions. Your family can also sigh with relief knowing they can use their gear on those long road trips on holidays and vacations.


  • You have a built in compressor and tire inflator. Simple one button does the work.
  • Sure grip locks it onto either upright or side mounted battery.
  • LEDs tell you it’s status and warns you when it’s time to recharge the sealed battery.
  • USB port, two 12 V ports and two AC ports.
  • Great to use for camping.
  • I use the DSR115 to power my son’s Positive Airway machine if there is a loss of power. On trips, it runs the unit all night if need be.
  • Personal gear stays charged.
  • Re-energized my cars battery when it died in my office parking lot.
  • Batteries for the kid’s toys and the tire inflator running to get their beach toys ready for fun all made our summer holiday a success.
  • I use a solar generator to charge it when I am out camping. So, I have power when the sun goes down.
  • Keep it charged, else you might find it dead when you need it.
  • Had trouble running my laptop, I bought a small inverter that cured the problem.
  • Don’t try to do 4 tires at once, the thermal cutoff kicks in.

Final Verdict

First off, after checking with the users of the product, it is felt their expectations for a low-cost power unit are out of line. Trying to run a refrigerator or inflating 4 tires at the same time is a feat that the profession grade power packs balk at.

Read the manual before you hook things up. However, there is a legitimate concern about some electronic gear not running right off the Inverter. This isn’t a showstopper, as it can be cured with a second Inverter. This still keeps the unit attractive for the budget conscious.

It works well for most application, to get you car running, handles a flat, and gets the job done at a price, you can live with.

STANLEY J5C09 Power Station

jump starter review

Stanley is one of the most trusted brands out there today. They are providing us with a prime example of why. 1000 amps peak with 500 for getting your motor to crank over. But, the benefits do not stop there. You also get a 120-PSI compressor that makes a dual auto safety and emergency service tool that should be in everyone’s vehicle.

But, it has some other nice features. It has a USB port that charges up your personal electronics and a polarity reversal detection that warns you that you’ve connected things up in error.

It also has some other bells and whistles that make it fun to use. There is a cigarette lighter port that you can use an adapter run some more of your gear. Laptops, cell phones, and even an inverter to get AC and you have a nifty work light that you can use to flag down help as well. LEDs tell you the status of your charge level. So, you have a power bank as well as a Jump Pack.

This being its primary reason for existing and in this role it excels and though it isn’t as powerful as some of the other units, it can hold its own in the crowd with distinction.


  • 500 amps cranking power.
  • Air compressor.
  • USB & Cigarette connections.
  • Standard alligator clips let you hook into your electrical system.
  • Polarity reversal detection.
  • Designed to be a versatile roadside assistance system.
  • Having both a Jump starter and a compressor in one package is a great idea.
  • Jumped my car in a downpour with no problems except getting wet.
  • On its first outing and charge, it jumped 5 cars and never blinked once.
  • Liked it so much I bought two. One for the wife and the other for me.
  • Better than a Swiss Army knife because this is a multitool that works.
  • I had a bad alternator, the Stanley Jump Starter saved my butt by jumping the dead battery.
  • Forget about the gimmicks. You got a Jump Pack that works.
  • Compressor gave up the ghost after a set of tires.
  • Takes 15-20 hours to charge and you have to order the power cord separately.
  • Lacks a float charger, so you need to watch how you charge it.

Final Verdict

Nice bells and whistles, But they seem to be tacked on to attract the tech geeks. However, the primary feature works as expected from a product that has the Stanley name on it. The compressor is ok and the little light is cute but not very useful in this reviewer eyes who owns a 7 battery Maglite.

The USB port, however, is a nice feature as most people have kids and kids have their gear. So, on family outings, this feature can save your sanity. A long car trip with a child’s handheld game machine with no power is the pits.

While the compressor we have alluded to is not the best, you can get. It will do a tire or two without futzing out. Otherwise, it is the middle of the road combo that can do the job.

Schumacher SJ1328

best jump starter comparison

If you want the max for getting your dead vehicle moving, again Schumacher heard you. You have virtually unlimited cranking power at 2200 peak amperes, which translates to 330 cranking amperes and 275 cold cranking amperes. If this is not enough to get your attention, the unit also has a built-in charger that recharges the battery pack from line 110 VAC.

The mini charger will bring the internal battery up to 100% then automatically goes into trickle mode to keep things shipshape until you are ready to put it into your vehicle before hitting the road.

While you are on the road, you now have the peace of mind to know that if you leave your car with the dome light on and you want to go home but…

The extra large alligator clamps attach quickly and you then are ready to crank your engine over until it starts normally. You will appreciate the extra length on the cables let you attach the unit to a proper ground or reach the posts easily. No more fumbling around under the hood in rain, sleet, and snow, it’s simple to use and does the job right. All in an ergonomically designed package as well.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Built-in digital meter that when the test button is pressed shows charge available.
  • 2200 amps of power.
  • 12 VDC outlet.
  • Has the power to crank my Yamaha.
  • Great Jump Starter.
  • You’d have to pay over $200 dollars to get something better.
  • A solid basic unit that wouldn’t fail you when you need it.
  • It’s already paid for itself in only 3 months.
  • Been using it for a year now, giving roadside assistance. 5-6 times a day during the last year and a recharge once a month with no complaints.
  • A 6-acre lot full of trucks and it cranks them over no matter the size.
  • Charges reasonably quickly and then goes into standby charging and the fan keeps going. This is normal and the manual recommends running it this way until you put it in your vehicle.
  • Power readout is made backwards. You need to push the % button if you want to see the battery’s status. Otherwise, you think it’s broken and send it in for repairs, which I did twice. They replaced it each time, though.
  • Arrived DOA, Amazon didn’t quibble. They sent me another.
  • Died just outside the 90 day warranty period.

Final Thoughts

Finally, a jump pack that is worthy of the title, the SJ1328 has no frills just reliable service. Service that you want in Chicago on the Dan Ryan when the mercury drops to 20 below. If you have kept, your SJ1328 charged it will turn your engine over and make sure you are home for dinner.

The power readout is the only thing that gives owners conniptions. It works in reverse. You’d think it would tell you the charge level as it is lit and the numbers change. However, it is the Ghost in the Machine. If you want to find out what’s what you need to press the button. Other than that, the unit does the job it was built to do just fine.

Jump-N-Carry JNC660

jump starter reviews

1700 Amps of peak starting power is at your command. This is the jumps pack that can handle all you starting problems. It will start a dead battery in the middle of a blizzard with no problems. It also sports connectors that allow you to attach 12-volt accessories to it with ease. The built in Volt meter lets you know the status at all times. This new and improved version now has overcharge protection that stops charging the unit when it is topped off. The heavy 46″ cables are ready to attach in an instant.

Weighing only 18 lbs. It is light enough to be used by anyone. Keep it charged and ready to go and you never be caught with a dead battery again. Autumn is here so winter cannot be far behind. So, start getting ready for winter’s trials. The unit is ready to be tossed in the back seat or trunk. Then you know that you or a loved one never has to be worry about being stranded due to a dead battery ever again.

What’s more, you can power your other gears if you have the right adapter cables need for you electronics gear. So, if you need power, need it quick and you want reliability the JNC660 has your number.


  • Two indicator lamps let you know if the unit is charging or ready to go.
  • The unit has heavy duty cables to connect to your vehicle’s electrical system.
  • 1700 amps that is a step above many other jump packs on the market today.
  • Handy Voltmeter lets you know how much power you have left in the pack.
  • The unit could jump start a dead elephant.
  • Got caught with a dead battery in the freezing rain Attached the JNC660 and everything kicked over the first time. Looked at the meter and I still had over 90% Battery Charge left.
  • If you combine this jump pack up with your portable compressor, you have the Batman and Robin of DIY emergency car service. You can pump up all 4 tires and still do all your kid’s inflatables as well.
  • We do road service and even after doing 6 starts in a day, our JNC660 is at better than 70% charge.
  • No warning circuitry or lights to warn you if you hook the wires up wrong.
  • The one we got was dead on arrival. We were able to it replaced.
  • Doesn’t come with an AC cord. Bought the add-on one from Amazon.

Final Verdict

It is a real pleasure to review a piece of emergency car service gear that actually performs one function and does it superbly. You have a high-energy rechargeable battery pack that will crank a cold engine in the middle of winter.

This is the kind of power you want and need when the chips are down and you are on the road alone. We, however, found it curious that there was not an AC cord shipped with the units. We had ordered one as we did our due diligence up front before ordering.

The Best Jump Starter

best jump starter

The Jump-N-Carry JNC950 combines power and flexibility for you Jump pack needs. You can see it here and tell us if you agree or not. For power, function, and price it fits your needs to a “T.”

The Best Cheap Jump Starter

best cheap jump starter

You may not have a lot of cash to burn, but you want to keep your family safe and your vehicle running in bad weather then the Schumacher DSR115 DSR ProSeries provides function and 1200 amps of power for a bargain price.


You have seen some of the best Jump Starter on the market. Some are no frill units whose job it to get your motor turning over and you moving again. Others have a plethora of bells and whistles and are great for fun as well as jumping your car or SUV.

In the final analysis, your safety and that of your family are of paramount importance. So, whether you agree with our choices or not is water under the bridge, but you will agree that having a Jump Starter in your car is a piece of emergency roadside service that today you cannot live without.

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