Best Pellet Grill Reviews – Best Choice for 2020

We have found 5 best pellet grills for sale that also smoke food as well. Now you can do

outdoor cooking faster without waiting for the charcoal to catch, that gas smell, and the hassles of cleaning afterward. Our 5 pellet grill reviews today will let you wade through all the chase and find the right one that suits your tastes, feeling of “Savoir-Faire” and with your budget and lifestyle. pellet grills

We will offer up our choice for both the best of the bunch and one that is the most economical of them as well. This way we have you covered from any angle you choose to pursue.

Cooking outdoors is fun and it brings friends and family together in a world where everyone is texting on the net and hardly has time to say hello anymore. Food is the glue that binds everyone together and our five Pellet grills all will do that with style.

Best Pellet Grill Reviews

#1: Z GRILLS ZPG – Featuring Smart Grill Technology TM

When it’s time to get out the grill, you want the best. Since charcoal burning is now becoming passé, you need to find another source of heat. Gas jus isn’t good enough. Pellets are a better alternative to wood chip and you can save and get a better-controlled heat as well. The Rec Tec has all the features you want in a wood Pellet grill.

When you look at it, you see what looks like one of those 55-gallon drum grills made on the south side of Chicago around 59th street. However, this grill has some features that the Chicago grills don’t have, precise heat control and a 40 lb hopper that feeds fuel to the fire in a smooth continuous manner. This means you can your grill at temperatures anywhere from 180F to up to 500F degrees to that lets you smoke, barbecue, and grill virtually anything in the world as well.

Now you have the grilled flavor you want without waiting for hours while the coals catch fire. Pellets break down to a fine powder that makes cleaning up after the cooking is done in a jiffy. You don’t have to worry about food problem with under cooking as you have precise cooking temperatures.


  •  Gets to temp you set and stays there
  • Just as easy to assemble as your average Weber and in almost the same time
  • I am able to do steaks and chops easier than with my kettle grill and with far less work
  •  Just fill up the hopper and start everything into motion
  • Great heat control and it will grill anything you ask of it
  • BBQ ribs are my passion. I start them out slow and low. Then just before the guest arrive I crank on the heat to finish them off and get ready for burgers and dogs
  • I miss my kettle grill. But the RT does the same job and I have less mess and clean up
  • Smart Grill Technology keeps cooking temps even to get just the right amount of char without charring.
  • Rugged finish overall
  • 40 lbs hopper capacity
  • Most importantly, You have enough cooking space to accommodate 702 SQ feet of cooking space
  • Smooth feed dual hoppers that get the pellets, down to where they are burnt and save your area’s air pollution stats and keep your “Carbon Footprint” emissions down.

I did not like some of the ways my third Rec-Tec was working. Not only did they set things right, but they send me a bunch of freebie sauces and rubs to make up for the problems. Customer service is great and they fight for every star on their Amazon rating

Reviewer’s thoughts

When you want a replacement grill or shift from charcoal to pellets. Now’s your chance. The Rec-Tec does the job well and it takes on any grilling task with panache and style. It did not put out as much smoke as I would have liked. However, I solved the problem by placing a tray of herbs and tea inside the grill. If you want to smoke, select your pellets carefully.

Assembly went as well as can be expected though you need to pay attention to where the mounting hardware goes. Temperature control is wonderful though initially, it fluctuates for a bit until the pellet feed settles down.

Overall, this reviewer rates it at 5 Stars and is a great addition to the backyard chef’s cooking arsenal.

#2: Camp Chef Pursuit 20Pellet Grill Review

Traeger has been around helping you get the best in backyard cookery for a number of years now. Their attention to detail is well known in the grilling world. Their PPG20 is just another example of this. The 300 SQ inches of cooking pellets that provide a smooth heat that is readily controlled with a LED readout and multi-position selectable thermostat heat surface.

But, to go with that they have adopted the classic Chicago 55 Gallon motif that clamshells open to let you load down the grill with your favorite backyard foods. Burgers it does a dozen at a time. However, if hot dogs and chips are on the menu then it switches to be able to give you up to 18 at a time. Ribs and Chickens go in equally well and if you mix and match, everyone can have their fav grilled food in record time.

Clean up is easy as well, it has its own ash pail, and the residue is a fine powdery ash that is simple to dispose of.


● 20″ X 15″ cooking area

● Thermostatically controlled

● Lets you cook Chicken and Ribs in wholesale lots along with burgers and hot dog for your family and friends


● What it cooks for you is unbelievable and does it in quantity

● Gives you a Grillmaster’s results without the muss and fuss

● Good for the family cookout or a pool party where the kids invite all their friends over

● You can get the same quality BBQ as a restaurant with almost no effort

● This is my second Traeger and I am again pleased with what I can serve at my cookouts. Ribs come out to perfection and chops and steaks are done to everyone’s tastes

● Once you taste the food from a Traeger you’ll be hooked and want one for your own


● Very few support centers

● They don’t accept returns but send replacement parts instead

Reviewer’s thoughts

I like the way to product works and fits together. The temperature control is good and the food is delicious. You get what you pay for, though. If you need service, you have to have to be a person who is handy with tools, as they wouldn’t accept returns. They will send you replacement parts. A foreign firm now owns Traeger and getting service is a bit spotty at times.

So, if you have a Traeger that is working you will get some of the best food ever. You just need to be aware of the downside if you aren’t good with tools or your hands.

#3: Best Pellet Grill Review : Cuisinart CPG-4000 Pellet Grill

Recently Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood BBQ has been making a name for itself with its pellet grills. This auger feed grill has all the fixings for a great entry into our “best of” comparison. Heavy-duty sheet metal construction shaped into that barrel design many of us BBQ and grill chefs swear by.

CPG-4000 best pellet grill


It as many of the pellet grills on the market has a digital thermostat and excellent control. It cleans fast and has a separate grease drain that takes a lot of the work after a grill party or BBQ marathon. When you want good Q this is the grill to turn to and as a smoker, it does a good job as well.

However, its big claim to fame is its small size and still gives you 440 SQ inches of cooking space. This makes it perfect for an apartment dweller or someone without a lot of patio or deck space. Therefore, it will do your grilling to a T and wouldn’t take up a lot of space doing it.


● Auger fed pellet drive

● Easy drain Grease system

● Attached ash bucket that detaches for easy


● Made of quality sheet steel

● Porcelain and wire cooking surface

  •  The spice rack is a plus and it has a side shelf for prep work as well
  • Grills great and will smoke as good or better than many other units on the market
  • Smokes a steak to perfection in under an hour
  • Buy it, you’ll be glad you did
  • Stainless steel and a great price
  • Use the pellet maze if you want more control
  • You get up and cooking faster than with charcoal
  • Grills with the best and smoke up a storm as well
  • Takes a bit longer to smoke than the more expensive models but it’s worth the price
  • Takes longer to heat up than my old Traeger, It does give a great Q once it’s fired up though
  • Smoke can fluctuate while cooking

Reviewer’s thoughts

This pellet grill does what you want with a bit of style. It’s a little heavier Than some other models and it does give a bit more in the “Q”ing department. As a smoker, it does an ok job but the results can vary depending on the auger speed. It defaults to #2 while I like to reset it to #4 speed. But, you have to work with it a bit to get the result you want. This brings us to the quality and quantity of the final dishes it produces.

It has a smaller cooking area than I am used to. I often hold a BBQ for one or more families and for group cookouts. This grill would be hard pressed to keep up. However, for a single family or a couple. This is the ideal size. For a man who wants to cook outdoors for himself and remember what’s it like to be a man, this is the ideal grill.

#4: Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal Smoker – Pellet Grill Review

A unique way to grill and has a smoker thrown in to make things complete Overall you have 57″ of vertical cooking space and inside you can mount a number of racks to handle what you want to cook. You would get the char you want unless you use the lower. But, you can cook some of the best meats ever whiteout problems as it is all controlled by

est pellet grills for sale


Think of this grill as a vertical roaster. It will cook and preserve meats and fish. So, for those who want to buy in bulk and prepare a week or so of meals, you can do it now very simply and what’s best of all it can be done semi-unattended. Toss in you favorite smoking paraphernalia and you add to the flavor as well as you smoke and preserve food for the long haul.

This unit is a wonderful addition for the prepper or someone who fishes and hunts for food and later consumption.


● 5 racks that let you grill or smoke vertically

● Auger drive ensures an even flow of pellets

● Twin wheels and two tubular supports keep it upright and rigidly in place without danger of tipping

● Large Oklahoma Joe style wheels

● Grease cup attaches to under the smoke box

  •  At 100 pounds, this is one sturdy piece of backyard cooking gear. It will stand up to the weather and be there through rain and shine cooking some great ribs and other cuts of your favorite meats
  • The Brinkmann has hooks for hang sausages as well 5 racks to give you a versatile griller and smoking combo
  • I can do chops and even a quartered pig hang from the hooks inside
  • Chicken and other poultry takes on a whole different dimension when roasted and basted in the Brinkmann
  • I was expecting a grilling surface and I get a grill on the fire book and racks inside the main body instead. It does do a great job but I was expecting more fire and pizzazz

Reviewer’s thoughts

The reviewer found this unit to be an interesting Hybrid that takes a little getting used to for the average outdoor chef. It does have a grilling surface but if you look at it. It is more for hot air and smoke. While many enjoy this style of cooking as you see with those convection ovens, you see on TV.

Q in the traditional sense has more flame and excitement. Having said all that, once you adapt to cooking this way you will find the meat seals up nicely ad retains its natural juices. Slathering on you favorite Q sauce works a bit differently as well. I was able to get excellent results for ribs, poultry and other cuts of meats.

Doing hot dogs works well along with various kinds of sausages. However, the reviewer was not overly happy with the burger results. They needed to be tossed on the old standby grill to put on the char makes the way people expect when it comes to burgers and steaks.

Otherwise, an excellent buy for the money and give fine tasting food when you are done.

#5: Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – Pellet Grill Review

Here the Smartphone meets the Tailgate party when you have a pellet grill that can be powered from three different power sources. It may also be controlled via an APP and is WIFI enabled. You can do 3 racks of baby back ribs or 2 racks of spare ribs. Of course, you can doGreen Mountain pellet Grills burgers, brats, and hotdogs as well. Chicken and pulled pork is a cinch as well.

You haven’t lived until you do a smoked chicken and pork combo sandwich all smothered in your favorite Q sauce. So, you have a grill smoker that is portable and goes where the action is. This could be the big _______ game or match. However, it goes out in the wild with the outdoorsman, hunter, and fisherman as well. You can smoke your catch or do up the fowl you bag. Deer steaks grill up fast and it too can be smoked to take back for later meals.

This is one of the most economical pellet grills that doubles as a smoker as well. You, of course, can set it up on the deck or patio. Fold up the legs or remove them and you can replace that old Hibachi and do up an Asian barbecue on the terrace or patio.

The possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your imagination and the number of venues you’ve haven’t tried yet to use it in.


● Open Flame technology burns the pellets cleanly and minimum ash

● The folding legs double as carry handle o help you move it to a park or picnic site

● Runs from 110, 12 volts with an inverter fro 3-way power

● It monitors the temp and lets you control everything via a Smart Phone or on the user-friendly control panel that both let you cook with precision you may never have ever know


● Grills and smokes in anyplace you’d care to go

● Smokes as well as grills all my favorites. It even melts cheese for my triple threat chili nacho surprise

● Dose ribs like you wouldn’t believe and make the Traegers in its class weep with envy

● Burgers for as many as you want and the kids don’t have to wait for hot dogs, chili dogs, brats, and Italian sausage sandwiches

● Q up some chicken or Cubano pulled pork sandwiches and you can grill up a PO Boy Sandwich that is to die for

● Great food anytime and anywhere you want to grill it up or smoke it

  • Use a mat to catch the grease from your cooking
  • Temps can vary so monitor it closely

Reviewer’s thoughts

This is one of the most economical grills found up on Amazon these days. It produces great food anywhere you want to cook or grill it at. Smoking is nice and the Davy will go the distance for smoked meats, fish, and poultry.

It does a superlative burger and you get steaks and chops that cannot be told from an uptown Bistro. Overall, this reviewer is well pleased with this pellet grill combo and it all comes at a good price as well.

The Best Pellet Grill is the Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood Pellet Grill – Featuring Smart Grill Technology TM

You have seen them all and our pick of the 5 is the Cuisinart CPG-4000 Grill it has the most positives and the owners rave about it. We also find it to do what we want at parties and at venues of all kinds. It is precise and it works well and gives its owners delicious food with no hassles. See it again here.Best Pellet Grill

However, if you are on a budget our favorite for the economical pellet grill is the…

Cheapest and does what you want is the Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal Smoke.

cheap pellet grill

IT runs off any power source. It is made to go anywhere. In addition, it cooks a means slab or ribs and divine burger as well. However, it also lets you run everything via WIFI and Your Smartphone as well. So check the Davy Crockett Grill again a see if it fits your needs.

Final thoughts

Grilling with pellets is now the new wave in “Q”ing and grilling. But, they can also smoke foods as well. So, you can go with our recommendation of the best or go with our “On The Cheap” choice.

You may have chosen another of the 5 instead, as it has a feature(s) that you’d rather have. The choice is yours as we just do the legwork so you don’t have to.

Whichever one you choose, we wish you many hours of grilling and BBQ fun during your weekend parties and Get Together.


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