Best Shoes for Male Nurses 2020 – Top 5 Products Reviewed

shoes for male nurses reviews

There are so many male nurses, in the medical field, who are not able to find the perfect type of shoes to wear that are comfortable and safe for them to wear. There have been many male nurses who have claimed that female nurses are always able to find the perfect type of shoes to wear when they are working long hour shifts. However, this belief is not true, and there are in fact several different types of shoes that are available to men, no matter what are of work it is that they may be involved in.

It is especially important for nurses to make sure that their feet are comfortable while standing on them all day, and that they are safe from sliding and causing them to injure themselves. Therefore, if a male nurse is wanting a specific type of shoe that they are comfortable wearing all day long, then they must know and understand what it is that they are looking for, so that they are able to find the ideal and perfect shoe that will satisfy them and help them to work better in them.

There are several types of shoes to look for that are specifically designed for nursing jobs, and there are many brand name companies who make these types of shoes for this specific reason. In this article, you will be able to look at the different types of nursing shoes that are available for you to purchase, and what types of shoes that you will be able to benefit from whenever you are a male nurse working hard.

Top Shoes for Male Nurses Comparison

Item Name Rating Price  
Sanita Men's Professional Oil Clog
Sanita Professional Oil Clog
3.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
K-Swiss Men's ST329 CMF Training Shoe
K-Swiss ST329 Training Shoes
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Dansko Men's Professional Oiled Leather Clog
Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog
3.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
MOZO Men's Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe
MOZO Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoex
3.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe
Merrell Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price

Shoes for Male Nurses Reviews

Sanita Men’s Professional Oil Clog

sanita oil clogs

The Sanita Men’s Professional Oil Clog are a unique type of casual shoe that is able to keep a man comfortable while he is working, as well as, giving him a unique look of style. They were designed with brush-off leather, so they are able to be cleaned very easily, and it was designed with polyurethane outsole, so it has traction control and durability.

There are several features of these clogs that make them the amazing shoes that they are, and these features include synthetic soles, brush-off leather, hard plastic frame, and an anatomically shaped foot bed that is able to help with arch support. It also has a spacious toe box to allow for normal blood circulation, and it has heel to toe motion for natural gait. They have been specially designed for comfort, support, and they are easy to work in.

There are several pros to the Sanita Men’s Professional Oil Clog, and there is also a few cons to them as well. This helps the user make the decision to purchase these clogs, and with the many beneficial pros outweighing the cons, these clogs are definitely a consideration to purchase. The pros and cons include:

  • High quality construction.
  • Eases back pain.
  • Comfortable.
  • Very effective shoes for anyone suffering from foot ailments.
  • Perfect for standing in all day and for long working shifts.
  • Tight around the foot.
  • Material is not very strong.
  • Very slick to wear.

K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe

k-swiss men shoes

The K-Swiss Men’s CMF Training Shoes is an athletic shoe that has the ability to be worn all day long without causing any type of issues for the person using it. K-Swiss developed this shoe as just a training tennis shoe, and it delivers the greatest quality and durability with the rubber outsole and the premium leather. The sturdy tread improves comfort and traction and it is cushioned by a cushioned midsole.

The premium memory foot bed, and the anatomically correct flex grooves, gives your feet the most comfortable feeling, even if you have been wearing them on your feet all day. As the years began to pass, this specific type of shoe went from just a regular training tennis shoe and ended up being one of the most used athletic shoes. They are incredibly comfortable for athletes to wear, and it works just the same for those male nurses who are looking to find the perfect type of shoes that will help them in their daily working routine.

The K-Swiss Men’s Training Shoe has some pros and cons that come along with wearing these shoes, and they are definitely things to consider whenever you are needing them for your nursing job. These pros and cons include:

  • Easy to clean leather.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Shock absorbing heel.
  • Memory foam foot bed.
  • Cross trainer.
  • Have been known to fall apart after minimal use.

Dansko Men’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

dansko mens leather clogs

There are several individuals who are big fans of the Dansko shoe collection. The Dansko Men’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog has caught the attention of several Dansko fans. These specific clogs off an abundant amount of comfort and support and have had several satisfied customers. The outsole of these shoes have an incredibly amazing seal, therefore, there isn’t any leaking around the soles that will get your feet wet.

It is specifically designed with fine leather, it has a contoured leather insole, smooth upper design features, and they are shock absorbent. the Dansko company has promised that these shoes are able to keep you comfortable throughout the busy and hectic day that you will be experiencing while you are working your nursing shift. This shoe has been considered as just the right way to go about your day, especially with the many benefits that it comes equipped with.

There are many pros that come with these shoes, and just like any other item that you purchase from a store or online, there are cons as well. These pros and cons include:

  • Easy to clean leather.
  • Oiled leather insole.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Good sized platform.
  • Comfort and durability.
  • High quality construction.
  • Arch is tight.
  • Staples can tear out easily.
  • Soles with crack in short amount of time if too stressed.

MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe

mozo mens work shoes

The MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe is a favorite among culinary professionals, and they have also been known to help with those individuals who are constantly on their feet during busy working shifts and schedules in hospitals for many male nurses. This shoe is specifically designed for men, it is durable and made of a synthetic upper, flexible, and they are easy to wear all day.

They were also uniquely designed with vents on the side of the shoes so that your feet are able to remain cool under the large amount of pressure that you will have to endure throughout the entire day. It also has a slip and very well-oiled rubber sole, and because of this, it has a very secure and safe traction on a number of surfaces that you might be walking on every single day. These shoes have the ability to get any male nurse through the long hard-working shifts that they endure on a daily basis.

The MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe is one of the best on the market, however, not everyone is always going to be satisfied with a specific shoe that they purchase, and it is important to research each shoe out and find the necessary information that they need. Pros and cons are the perfect way to figure out what you will be satisfied with and the pros and cons of these shoes include:

  • Synthetic fine leather.
  • Non-slip rubber sole.
  • Imported.
  • High quality materials.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Slip-on work shoe.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Gel-cushioned insole.
  • They start to show signs of wear-and-tear fairly quick.
  • Feels a bit tight.

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

merrell mens encore shoes

Another amazing work shoe that is able to offer exactly what a male nurse would need, is the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoes. It has a unique slip-on design, so you are able to work quickly, and if you feel like taking your shoes off, then you are able to slip them on and off with ease and very quickly. They are also designed with a quick clean leather, they are black, and they are made for comfort, style, and they help to keep your weight from weighing too much on your feet, and causing your legs, feet, and back to hurt.

These shoes have been designed so that you are able to remain on your feet for a very large portion of the day, and keeping your body comfortable and ready to continue working your long shift. There have been several satisfied customers when it comes to these shoes, and they are a highly recommended shoe that will help to make your work easier.

There are pros and cons when it comes to the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoes, and there are far more pros than there is cons. The pros and cons of these types of shoes include:

  • Slip-on work shoe.
  • Fine leather that is easy to clean.
  • Padded collar.
  • Flexible inserts.
  • Slip-resistant outsole.
  • Imported.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Spacious.
  • Comfortable.
  • Arch support is a little too high.
  • Narrow heel base.

Being a Male Nurse

There are so many of us who fail to realize just how hard nurses work in the medical field. There are literally thousands of working male nurses out there, who are trying to make something out of their lives, and to make sure that they are successful in their daily job. However, just like anyone else who works a physical job, body aches and pains have a strong ability to slow a person down, which causes them to have trouble with getting their daily chores finished. The only way to make sure that you are able to comfortably finish your work, especially with the several patients that you will be encountering each and every single day, is to make sure that you have the proper attire that is able to take care of these pains that you experience on a daily basis.

shoes for nurses

There aren’t many individuals who understand that how well they take care of their feet, or don’t take care of their feet, will affect how their overall body feels. When it comes to your feet, it is important to realize that no matter what job it is that you do, if you are constantly on your feet, will affect how your body feels. Your feet are what takes the largest amount of stress when you are working, and each step you take sends a jolt up through your feet, up into your legs, and the travels up into your back. This will then lead to aches and pains throughout these different body parts. Therefore, it is so important to make sure and properly take care of your feet, and to keep them comfortable, and protected.

There are several different types of shoes to look for, especially if you are in the nursing field. These types of shoes that they are looking for will need to allow you to make it through the day without having to experience any back pain, leg pain, arch pain, or any other type of discomfort that they might experience whenever they are working a long shift. Another type of beneficial feature to look for in shoes is to look specifically for shoes that mold around your feet and that they don’t require a long break in them, and these are the type of ideal shoes for any nurse to wear, or for anyone who is working on their feet all day. There are several tips to follow when looking for the perfect shoes to wear as long as a male nurse would have to, and these tips include:

  • Slip resistant.
  • Closed toe and heel.
  • Molds to feet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Material to protect from needles or medical tools.
  • Good arch support.
  • Cushion to absorb shock and redistribute weight.

Best Shoes for Male Nurses

best shoes for male nurses

When it comes to purchasing the best shoes on the market, the ones that have been rated as the best and the highest recommended pair of shoes are the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoes. They have everything that a male nurse could ask for when it comes to working shoes. They are slip-on shoes, which makes them easy to put on and off, however, they are a snug fit so that they are able to remain on your feet even when you are pushing hard through the workday. They are also slip resistant, which makes it much easier to wear safely when you are needing to run back and forth between patients throughout the day.

These shoes have a padded collar, so that you are able to continue to feel comfortable around your ankle, without having them cutting into your skin. With the rubber soles and the flexible insoles, these shoes have the ability to keep your feet properly supported, and this means that the strain and stress will be relieved from your feet, your back, and your legs.

One of the biggest benefits of the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe, is that they are designed with a specific type of leather that is super easy to clean. When you are working hard throughout the day, and you are getting all kinds of matter on your shoes, they are incredibly easy to wipe off or wash off without having too much trouble. These shoes are considered to be the best option for any nurse to make when it comes to working long shifts in the hospital.

Best Cheap Shoes for Male Nurses

cheap shoes for male nurses

If you are looking for the perfect shoe to use while you are working as a nurse, but you do not want to pay a large amount of money for them, then the K-Swiss Men’s Training Shoes are the best option to choose. They have all of the necessary aspects to them that give you the comfort that you are looking for in nursing shoes, however, you do not have to unload a large amount of money for them.

For any man who is a nurse, who is in need of shoes that keep your back pain-free, ease the strain in the back, and keep the feet comfortable for all day working, the K-Swiss Men’s Training Shoes are the ones to choose to accomplish these goals. There are definite benefits from purchasing these shoes, and one of the best benefits is that they are incredibly affordable and inexpensive. This gives you the chance to make your everyday working routing much easier to accomplish, a lot more comfortable to do, and without taking a big chunk out of your income to do it.

There are so many excellent shoes out there in the market, however, so many of them are so incredibly expensive to purchase. It doesn’t seem beneficial to buy shoes to wear in the nursing field that are difficult to afford, when you have the ability to purchase a pair of shoes, like the K-Swiss shoes, to give you exactly what you require at a cost that you can afford.


In conclusion, when it comes to the proper care of your feet, it is important to make sure that you research which type of shoes are the best ones for your feet. There are so many different types of shoes in the market that are able to give your feet the comfort and support that you need for when you are working those long hour shifts in the nursing field. Taking the proper care of your feet is what will help you to get through your workday without having any pains and aches throughout your body to slow you down. With the several different types of shoes that are out there to purchase, you will want to be sure that you purchase the absolute best to help you successfully get through your workday.

So, if you are a male nurse who is in desperate need of finding the perfect working shoes that will give you the comfort and pain-free feeling that you need to work hard shifts, then these shoes are the best to choose from. There are so many different types of shoes that are available that offer so much comfort for jobs like this, and all of these on this list are considered to be some of the best in the market to choose from. It is important to make sure that you, and your body, remain as healthy and comfortable as you can.

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