The 5 Best Softball Gloves 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

When the Softball season starts and your son or daughter is clamoring to play. Where do you turn to get the best softball glove?

softball glove review

You need a glove that you can surprise your favorite softball player as a holiday gift or get ready for the coming spring tryouts to make a team.

We have found 5 of the best softball gloves available and have reviewed them for you. We have chosen two, one at the high end that we have judged to be the best and at the other end of the spectrum one that is acceptable, good, and gives you your money’s worth. We’ve found 3 others that fit somewhere in the middle and one of them is a good pick for the fashion conscious and who idealizes the game and their stars.

So sit back, see what we have found for you, and then decide which of them can make your son or daughter’s eyes light up when you present it to them as a gift. If you are buying for and adult you will find one that will meet their needs as well.

TOP 5 Softball Glove Comparison

Item Name Rating Price  
 Nokona Classic Walnut Softball Series: WS-1250C
Nokona WS-1250C
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series
Mizuno MVP Prime
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Louisville Slugger 2019 Genesis Baseball Glove Series
Louisville Slugger 2019 Genesis
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series
Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Raw Family Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Gloves
Rawlings Liberty Advanced
5 out of 5 stars
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Best Softball Gloves Reviews

Nokona Classic Walnut Softball Series: WS-1250C

nokona classic walnut softball glove

Even though Michigan lost to Florida recently 1 to zip it was a hard fought battle. If you were watching, Florida’s pitcher had one of the best gloves around. She knew she had to make sure she was at the top of her game.

You too should have the best glove you can get when you hit the softball field as well. Luckily, the web comes through with the Nokona WS-1250C. Here is a glove made for pro and newbie alike who wants to be at the top of their game. 2.5″ wide it will let you field a wild pop up or a grounder with equal ease.

Rugged made from quality vintage Walnut leather it virtually sings with Softball’s exciting play action. You get a fit that is comfortable and the glove breaks in fast giving you a supple flexibility that lets you handle the ball as if you are not wearing a glove at all.

When it arrives, it will have either a Velcro or leather lacing to adjust to your hand’s size and secure it snugly in place. This gives you the control you need to play at the next level.


  • Fine high-grade Vintage Walnut Leather that looks great and will last for years of play.
  • 12.5-inch Closed web design.
  • Lace leather around all the edges.
  • Why spend money on a cheap glove when you can have one that lasts for years. My daughter has had hers throughout college.
  • One word “Awesome”.
  • Fantastic glove and one you can break in fast with a little play.
  • The craftsmanship attracted me, the comfort and fit has kept me after years of playing with the other brands.
  • Great customer service and the go to glove of many of the top players today.
  • A glove that will last for years and bring you the pleasure of great softball the whole time.
  • Made in America and is now the standard other gloves wish they could reach.
  • The picture shows a right-hander glove and the description says a lefty. Luckily the right-handed glove is what arrives when Amazon Ships it.
  • When I click on the left handed throw glove I see a picture of a right handed throw glove.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Champions are created not born. You need dedication, hard work, and the right equipment. The fielder’s glove is the most versatile of the gloves you can use and it can be used by a pitcher as well.

Natural products make the best gloves in the eyes of this reviewer and the combination of buffalo as well as cowhide gives a mix of utility and comfort that is almost impossible to beat.

The glove is priced well for a glove that lasts for years and is supple and comfortable to wear throughout the season and into the playoffs.

One you wear this glove you would want another at any price.

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

mizuno mvp glove

One of the problems with fast pitch softball kids come into the game with a glove that is too small. Fortunately, Mizuno makes a glove that is sized right at the get go. It has a palm that is designed to absorb the impact of a grand slam without stinging the player’s hand.

It can pick up a grounder with ease and it snaps shut like a bear trap once it has made contact with the ball. Then it releases fast to throw to home to get them out.

You can, of course, spend more money on an FP glove. By why, as this glove will do it all for infield or outfield work with style and elegance that makes being a champion look easy. Here is a glove that is versatile, fits right, and with its clam shell, snapping action catches and holds the ball tightly. A Velcro strap makes for ease of putting on and taking off.

Overall, this is one the best gloves for kids getting into softball as well as the veteran player as well.


  • ParaShock Palm stops the sting of a high fly catch.
  • V-Flex closure helps the ball fall into the sweet spot of the glove.
  • PowerLock gives you an all around grip on your child’s hand and prevents glove drops at crucial moments.
  • Best Glove I’ve ever bought. My daughter plays U12 and she wouldn’t settle for any other glove once her BFF let her use hers.
  • The daughter loves the glove and says it’s the best for an infielder.
  • Smaller gloves just would do as they let the ball fall out of the pocket. This one holds the ball snugly and you make a perfect catch every time.
  • Many of the girls have the same glove and they all swear by them.
  • Great for a teen as well and fits an adult too.
  • My son uses the glove and its one he wouldn’t trade for the world and he has the trophies to prove its worth.
  • A bit confusing about Right throw and left-handed glove, finally, got it sorted out as they are both the same thing.
  • Now my 11-year-old wants this glove for her own after the oldest got one for her birthday.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Being a winner is having the skill and being at the right moment at the right time of course. However, having a great glove helps a lot too. When your child wears this glove, they are sure to snag the ball from the air and return it to stop the other side from scoring a run. It holds the ball securely and lets you tag those trying to slide in.

The glove will catch a straight shot down the middle and you child wouldn’t be wringing their hand afterward. That’s because the ParaShock Palm absorbs the impact and the glove automatically closes like a vise to hold it until they are ready to throw or tag the opposing runner out.

You have a quality glove that does all that and still is a steal at the price Amazon charges for it.

Louisville Slugger 2020 Genesis Baseball Glove Series

louisville slugger genesis glove

11″ wide gloves fit smaller hands with ease no pink or frilly things are these. Tough pigskin gives you a glove that lasts and is made for hard use.

When you are playing softball or any other sport you want quality and that’s what Louisville Slugger has been churning out for years.

The glove is made for the infielder who as to be ready to intercept a line drive or pop-up foul before a batter has a chance to recover or slide into a base.

You have just the glove that delivers this kind of skill to your child. Thinner than the more expensive gloves, it is lighter for the smaller player and still gives adequate catching ability and grip for the ball. Your child builds character playing on a team with a glove that lets them excel at the sport and you can be happy knowing you have a good bargain as well.


  • Game-ready off the shelve.
  • No break-in time required.
  • Thinner and lighter than comparable leather gloves.
  • Has the Louisville Slugger name.
  • Perfect entry-level glove for the girl getting into softball.
  • My 8-year-old loves it as it is easy to wear and she loves the color.
  • This glove is supposed to last for 3 years. We’ll see, fingers crossed.
  • This is the glove the team chooses, year after year for its players.
  • Since they do not sell it locally, my daughter’s glove is never mixed up with the others. So, she is happy being a one of a kind.
  • Just under a year and the glove is “too broken in.” The fingers are floppy and my daughter is having trouble holding the ball after catching.
  • Good glove but it’s too small for Fast Pitch Softball at 10″.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

The brand is American and the family through generations of the family name has held it. It has progressed from its hometown across the border with Indiana and back home again. It has gone from wood to aluminum and has made a foray into golf as well. Right now, a Chinese beetle that kills Ash trees, which is the main source of wood for their famous wooden baseball bats threatens it.

However, pigskin is not endangered and they can make good softball gloves as long as the sport is played. This glove is not up there with the heavyweights, it is exactly what it claims to be. A good glove for the newbie softball player, gets the job done and looks good while doing it.

This will make the softball moms happy and the teams that have to field a team without a lot of cash for gear.

Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

mizuno franchise glove

Java Leather is used to make you a glove that fits well and helps you play at your best. Made for a lefty pitcher or throw, it is made for that minority of players who need a good glove that fits their needs to a T.

It is foam filled for comfort and lets it absorb the shock of a ball smacking into it without stinging the catching hand. This makes it perfect for FP softball and teens or younger players. Mizuno lavishes it skill with the addition of Mizuno’s ParaShock tech that makes the palm of the glove also sting free.

You then have a glove that is suitable both for boys and girls and they can field the ball equally well with grounders, line drive, and pop-ups.

You can switch play from infield to becoming an outfielder seamlessly and even a pitcher will find the glove an aid to their game’s skill.


  • 13 inch wide for 11″ – 12″ softball play.
  • Java Leather construction that holds up for game after game.
  • PowerLock secures the glove to your child’s hand and wouldn’t flip off during play.
  • Add to that the SureFit Foam that also ensures a comfortable a snug fit as well.
  • Fits my daughter’s hand perfectly.
  • Comes off the shelf ready for play.
  • My son catches and holds the ball like a pro without a drop so far this season.
  • The glove is rugged and will last for many seasons of play.
  • A little saddle soap or the Mizuno glove care kit keeps the glove in tip-top shape.
  • Pre-oiled before it comes to you and you can wear it with almost no break in required.
  • My son’s team all bought them together and they are 6 and 2.
  • Get a glove that lasts, as this one has done so for two seasons so far.
  • Don’t be fooled by the picture this is a glove for a kid and not an adult.
  • Needed to steam the glove to work out the kinks and soften it for play.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Mizuno puts out a good glove usually and this one is no exception. Made for a left-handed player it has the tradition features you expect from Mizuno such as the ParaShock Palm and the SureFit foam along with their PowerLock way of cinching the glove to your child’s hand. It is made for a child though it in its advert it does not explicitly state this and some buyers had to return them because of this.

The term Java Leather seems to be a code word for blended or bonded leather rather than being cut from a single piece of leather. How long this glove will last as compared to the traditional glove remains to be seen. This reviewers sample glove is holding up well though is it stiffer than the other Mizuno gloves tested in the past.

All in all, it is an ok glove for the younger players with adults and right-handed throwers need to look elsewhere for their needs.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series

rawlings liberty advanced glove

12 ½” inches wide with a custom leather design, you have a pro glove at an economical price. With the American Flag displayed prominently, you know it is of quality make and is not a knock off from a Third World Country.

Keilani Ricketts is arguably one of the best Fast Pitch players ever. Now you can wear a glove that was custom made to give her and your child the advantages in gameplay Keilani has. Made for the lefty player in white your glove is made from quality materials that put you in a class by yourself.

You can pitch now with the same kind of glove that takes your fast pitch to the next level and you have a secure grip on the ball for deciding your next move when psyching out the opposing batter. The glove adjusts,  fits securely, and you have a glove worthy of her name from Worth and Legit.


  • Woven web design made just for Keilani.
  • Custom  fit with and adjustable, non-slip pull strap back.
  • This is an exact copy of Keilani Ricketts’ Game Day glove.
  • This is a Left Hand Throw i.e. Worn on the right hand.
  • Easy to break in.
  • Beautifully crafted.
  • My daughter fell in love with Keilani so, we got here the glove and she adores it.
  • Own a piece of one  of Softball’s legendary players.
  • My daughter wouldn’t play with anything else.
  • Good glove, though, pricey.
  • Give my daughter incentive to do her best.
  • Nice glove.
  • Good design and a snug fit.
  • Change in the rules prevents pitchers from wearing a white glove if it matches the color of the ball.
  • Seems like an ordinary glove but my daughter loves it.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

There is magic in belief. That’s why people fork over hundreds of dollars for a Michael Jordan pair of sports shoes and a thousand if he actually wore them. Downtown Chicago, a boy was mugged and killed for his Air Jordan’s when the reviewer was working in the loop. This shows how fanatical some have over celebrities.

Heroes are made and only you the parent can judge if this glove is worth the cost. If it improves your child’s play, by all means, go for it. This reviewer examined the glove in question. It is made well but so are a number of other gloves and some have a long history of excellence. Therefore, in this reviewers mind, you should do your homework and find out if the product is worthwhile and not if an athlete has signed their name to it.

Best Softball Glove

best softball glove

Nokona WS-1250C is our choice for the best glove as its quality is superb and it has the features a great softball glove should embody for both younger and veteran players alike.

With this kind of glove, you have one that gives your performance and will deliver when you need it for a long time. But, if the price is such quality is a bit steep to swallow then perhaps our second choice is more suited to your liking and pocketbook.

Best Cheap Softball Glove

best cheap softball glove

Is from Mizuno with their MVP Prime it gets the job done and is the choice of many teams who want a good glove and at an economical price. Mizuno means quality and their products last from season to season of play.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best glove is easier now with the help of Amazon. Whether you want to go with a designer glove made for a superstar like Keilani or you want the best of the best with Nokona.

We have found 5 of the best. The other three give you the cheap but good deal as we mentioned and the other two are good buys as well. You now just have to find the one that fits your needs and the money you want to spend.

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