The Best Welding Gloves Reviews – 2020 Buyer’s Guides

As a professional welder of going on to five years now, I know exactly how important and critical it is to find the best welding gloves possible. Since welding gloves are a big part of staying safe while welding, I speak from experience when I say that it is crucial that your gloves can handle the heat and keep your hands safe while sparks are flying all around you and at your hands while you are welding.

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Therefore, you can’t get just any old pair of welding gloves and you can’t have a pair of gloves that has holes in them or seam tears. No matter the size of the hole or seam tear, if a spark gets into that hole or seam rip and comes into contact with your skin, the burn will be very severe and very serious. You will defiantly have to go to the hospital, have it thoroughly checked out, and make sure that you are okay and no permanent damage was done. So to help you find the best welding gloves available that will last you a long time, here is a list of reviews for the top five welding gloves on the market and a little extra information that you might want to keep in mind when you go out shopping for a new pair of welding gloves.

What to Consider when Buying Welding Gloves

When buying new welding gloves there are a few things you will want to consider before you purchase the welding gloves. First, you need to know what type of welding you will be doing and for how long you will be welding at a time. Like I said before, you want to use the right type of welding gloves for the right projects or job. Mostly because those welding gloves are especially made to withstand the heat and fly sparks from that certain type of welding. For example, if you use TIG welding gloves for a Stick welding job, the TIG welding gloves will get a hole in them fairly quickly due to the intense heat and the excessive amount of flying random sparks. Also, if you are working for hours ant a time with no break, the TIG welding gloves will easily get a hole burned through them because they are not meant be used for a really long time without any breaks in between. If you plan on working long hours with very few breaks in between, then the Stick welding gloves would be the best. The last thing you want to consider is the price range. Now that you have an idea of what type of welding job you will doing and how long you will be welding for, you can make up a price range for the amount of money you would like to spend on welding gloves. Keep in mind that if you want good quality gloves you will need to spend a little more money on the gloves. Now that you have all your considerations in order to buy welding gloves, you are finally ready to see all of the amazing reviews for the top five welding gloves on the market.

TOP5 Welding Gloves Comparison

Item Name Rating Price  
Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All Genuine American Deerskin Welding Glove
Caiman 1878-5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
US Forge 403 18-Inch Extra Length Welding Gloves
US Forge 403
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove Large
Miller 263343
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Revco T50 Men's Tigster Flame Resistant Welding Gloves
Revco T50
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Best Welding Gloves Reviews

Caiman 1878-5 One Size Fits All Welding Gloves

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The Caiman One Size Fits All Welding Gloves are the best all-American welding gloves that are made with genuine deerskin and real boar hide leather that you will ever find. The deer skin allows you to have maximum comfort and still protects against heat while wearing these gloves; whereas the boar hide padding provides you with extra protection from the heat and random flying sparks on your palms. Caiman One Size Fits All Welding Gloves are specially designed for overhead, stick, and plasma welding. However, these gloves can handle the heat and sparks no matter what type of welding you are doing and no matter how long you plan on welding with them. They can last for hours of hot hard work with no breaks in between without a hole being burned through or worries of the seams coming undone.

  • The welding industry’s first ever 21 inch welding gloves with heavy duty padding.
  • The heavy duty padding provides a guarantee protection for your hands and arms.
  • One size fits any and all hands while still providing amazing comfort and protection.
  • The Caiman One Size Fits All Welding Gloves are sewn with Kevlar thread to ensure that your welding gloves last with no fear of the seams tearing apart.
  • Long sleeves protect more of your arms with ease. This kind of protection is essential for overhead welding.
  • You can only purchase one glove at a time since that is all that is offered for you.
  • You can’t chose between right or left glove to buy either. So you will have to make a second order if you want both gloves.

US Forge 403 Welding Gloves

us forge welding apparel

The US Forge Welding Gloves are probably the cheapest gloves you are going to find. They will cost you less than $25 unlike most welding gloves that cost about $40 or more. These welding gloves feel so soft and are really supple. For welding gloves that are really cheap, they last a really long time. The seams are actually really really sturdy and do not come apart easily.

  • The US Forge Welding Gloves are deluxe lined to give you more pliability and are made to last for an extended amount of time.
  • Great quality for such a low price. You will not have to sell your kidney in order to a great quality pair of welding gloves.
  • Very affordable. Probably the cheapest welding gloves you can find while still being of good quality. You will not find a better deal for welding gloves.
  • Areas that tend to have a lot of friction are reinforced such as the palm and the fingertips.
  • Extra lining on the inside of the gloves for maximum comfort and durability. Your chances of getting burned are extremely low with all the extra reinforced padding in the welding gloves.
  • Some customers have reported than they were given the wrong color of welding gloves. What they were given was electric blue welding gloves instead of the tan colored welding gloves that they were expecting to get.
  • Still of good quality and the blue is beautiful, just it is not the right color. So be careful when you order the US Forge Welding Gloves and make sure they give you the right color.

Miller 263343 Welding Gloves

miller welding gloves

Just like the name implies, the Miller Welding Gloves are perfect for MIG and Stick welding. Therefore, these gloves are made with the right amount of thickness (not too thick and not too thin) and are still flexible enough to work comfortably in. You can easily handle and pick up hot items without trouble or fear of burning a hole through the gloves and burning your hands.

  • The Miller Welding Gloves are made with genuine cowhide.
  • The color of these gloves is really stunning.
  • These welding gloves are very stylish. They are black and a nice bold blue color. Not very many welding gloves are as stylish these.
  • Very well insulated.
  • The Miller Welding Gloves run a little small. If you have big hands, these gloves might not be for you. If you have smaller hands then you will not have to worry about the gloves fitting.

Revco T50 Welding Gloves

revco t50

Don’t let the look of these Revco T50 Welding Gloves fool you, they are not snow gloves. Although, they certainly are just as soft as winter gloves due to the fact that they are made of soft genuine kidskin and are heavily padded.

  • There are no seams in the index finger holes to help them last longer since the index finger goes through the most amount abuse and friction. You will not have to worry about the seams tearing holes in this area.
  • The Revco T50 Welding Gloves are a perfect fit for most hand sizes. Nice, snug, and very comfortable.
  • Effortlessly keeps heat away from your hands all thanks to the heavy amount of padding.
  • Very affordable welding gloves.
  • Some customers have reported that these welding gloves do not last very long. If you are only planning to use the gloves for a short amount of time, then you will not have to worry about this.
  • Since these gloves are padded so heavily, they are not very flexible.

What are the Different Types of Welding Gloves?

There is a very wide assortment of welding gloves available and all are perfect for different and specific jobs. Different gloves are made especially for different jobs or projects and it would be wise to only use those welding gloves for their intended purpose. Your welding gloves will preform their best when they are used for their intended job and their intended purpose. Simply put, if you want your gloves to last a really long time, you are going to want to make sure that you use the right set of welding gloves for the right job and project.

The first type of welding gloves are those that are used for Stick welding. Stick welding gloves are made with leather that is much thicker than that which is found in other types of welding gloves and that added thickness helps optimize protection for your hands. However, due to the excessive amount of thickness, the Stick welding gloves are not very flexible at all and it will be difficult to comfortably pick up items and set them down. For welding jobs where there is going to be a lot of heat and sparks everywhere and for when you are going to be working long hours with no break, the Stick welding gloves are going to be the ones you’ll want to use because of their thickness and their ability to last.

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MIG welding gloves have a medium thickness and can be made with many different types of leather. They do last about the same length of time as the Stick welding gloves. Due to the fact that MIG welding gloves are not as thick as other welding gloves, they are more flexible and easy to work with them on. If you are doing a job or project where you will not be working hours on end and you will need a little extra wiggle room, these gloves will be more than enough to complete the job successfully.

The TIG welding gloves are even thinner than the MIG welding gloves. They provide the most flexibility possible while still keeping your hands safe and protected. Most TIG welding gloves also come in a nice snug fit that the other welding gloves don’t have. If you are working on a job or project where you can’t have bulky gloves on, then the TIG welding gloves are the welding gloves you will want use. The type of gloves you will need to purchase will depend on the type of welding you will be doing. Keep that in mind as you go through the list of reviews.

What are the Best Welding Gloves Available?

Best Welding Gloves

In my expert opinion, the Caiman One Size Fits All Welding Gloves are the absolutely best welding glove on the market. I do not believe that you could possibly find better welding gloves than these outstanding welding gloves. Like the name says, one sizes fits all. No matter the size of your hands, you can still work comfortably while wearing these gloves. Unlike most welding gloves, these are 21 inches long to provide you extra protection all the way up your arms and are perfect for overhead welding. The Caiman Welding Gloves are also made with genuine American deerskin and boar hide to ensure that you will always be protected from the heat and random flying sparks and that you can work comfortably while you are working hard. The Caiman Welding Gloves will last a really long time. You can use these gloves for hours and hours without taking a break from the heat and the welding gloves will still last . If you are looking for top of the line welding gloves that are going to protect you while you are welding and still make you feel like your hands and arms are in a cloud, then the Caiman One Size Fits All Welding Gloves are the welding gloves that you need to buy today.

What are the Cheapest Welding Gloves Available?

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Of course, there are cheaper options than the Caiman One Size Fits All Welding Gloves. The US Forge Welding Gloves are the cheapest welding gloves that you could possibly find available for you to purchase. They cost much less than $25 whereas most welding gloves will triple that amount. The best thing about the US Forge Welding Gloves is that the performance of these gloves are not cheap at all. They will still protect your hands from intense heat and random flying sparks without breaking the bank or hurting your wallet. If you are looking for affordable welding gloves that will last a long time and protect your hands like expensive welding gloves, look no further than the US Forge Welding Gloves.

Final Thoughts

At the very end of the day, finding the right welding gloves truly is an investment that you must be willing to make in order to keep yourself safe during welding. As a professional welder, I can tell you how important it is to make sure that you are well protected during welding. You need to make sure that you are well protected while welding. Please keep in mind the different types of welding gloves and the different jobs that they are each suited for.

Please do not try to use a certain pair of welding gloves for a job that they are not suited for. Use the correct pair of welding gloves for the corresponding welding jobs. In doing so, you are allowing the gloves to reach their full capability and potential and you are allowing the welding gloves to last you for a really long time. This will help buying the appropriate welding gloves a whole lot easier and faster. By using the right gloves for different welding projects or jobs will in the long run help your gloves last much much longer. You will not have to keep spending money on buying new gloves over and over again because they wear out and get holes in them a lot more quickly. I hope that this list of reviews and the little bit of extra information will help you find the right pair of welding gloves for you personally. Good luck on buying yourself a brand new pair of welding gloves.

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