The Best Welding Jackets of 2020 – Top 5 Reviews

When you need protection from the sparks, fire, and splatter of the welding world along with the heat of a Plasma Cutter you need the best welding jacket you can get.

best welding jackets

Today, you will get the best in welding jackets that can be found on the web. We searched Amazon and gathered them together for you and I will be reviewing them for you.

From there I will give you my expert opinion and the comments of the many who have bought them for use in their various welding environments and from this, you can see the one we’ve chosen as the best along with the one that is the most economical one as well.

So, at the end of this article, you will have the welding jacket that will give you the best protection against sparks, splatter and the burns associated with welding with MIG, TIG, Stick, and Plasma as well. So, let’s get started with our first choice in welding jackets.

TOP 5 Welding Jacket Comparison

Item Name Rating Price  
Miller Electric Real Black Pigskin Leather Welding Jacket
Miller Electric Welding Jacket
4 out of 5 stars
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Revco BSX Welding Jacket
Revco BSX Welding Jacket
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket
Lincoln Electric K2989 Welding Jacket
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket
Caiman Welding Jacket
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Revco Black Stallion Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket
Revco Welding Jacket
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Best Welding Jacket Reviews

Miller Electric Real Black Pigskin Leather Welding Jacket

When you want protection from hot flying sparks while you are welding there is nothing like leather for protection and comfort as well.

Miller has exactly what you are looking for in a rugged jacket made from 100% pigskin. A high-necked collar protects your throat and the nape of your neck. Two of the places vulnerable to falling sparks from your work and those around you. Now you can work in comfort as well as leather breathes and adjusts to the environment around you.

The jacket can also make a fashion statement if you desire not to use it for work as it has a style that fits in with the casual crowd when they go out for a night of fun.

However, make no mistake this is first and foremost a jacket for those who work in the trades. Men and women who build American and raise skyscrapers, build ships, and work in industry everywhere creating the infrastructure that keeps bridges standing strong, buildings soar, and makes America great.


  • Great for welding or riding a motorcycle.
  • Tough leather that cinches up tight where you need it most.
  • Gives great protection against spatter, heat, and flying slag chips.
  • Made by Miller that says it all.
  • Looks good and people don’t suspect it’s for welding and not for fun.
  • Protect well against overhead splatter and sparks while working above your head.
  • High quality and has the protection where you want it.
  • Great fit if you order a smaller size as it comes a bit large.
  • I bought two I was so happy that I wear one for work and keep the other clean for riding the bike and casual wear.
  • Buttons to the top of the neck and is comfortable to wear on the way to work as well.
  • The pocket should be moved inside as it collects dust and chips from welding overhead.
  • The buttons are nice but don’t force them because they are plastic and you can snap them if you fumble finger them.

Reviewer’s thoughts

This reviewer was tired of sharing a welding jacket with hot sparks. Sparks are not a problem now with the Miller. They bounced off and spatter from the Hobart Plasma cutter that was being tested didn’t faze me at all.

The leather is tougher than many of those synthetics and is breathes better as well. In fact, it is one of the most comfortable jackets that the reviewer has worn. In fact, I needed to check to make sure it was a welding jacket.

However, after an hour cutting scrape it showed its mettle and it kept this welder safe and in comfort as well. It comes a bit large and you might have to order a smaller size and the buttons have to be buttoned up carefully and not just popping them in wearing gloves. Once you’re buttoned up you feel invulnerable to heat, spatter, and sparks.

So, if you want a jacket that is comfortable and keeps sparks off your arms and neck this is the one.

Revco BSX Welding Jacket

The Best Welding Jackets of 2020 – Top 5 Reviews 1

BSX gives you a snap up welding jacket that gets you in and out of it in a flash. This makes an easy choice if you need to be decked out in a hurry for a rush job and you want to get right on it. Perfect for TIG, MIG, and Plasma and the collar design is made especially to keep sparks at bay.

Cinch-able wrists seal the jacket to your wrists and you are proof to a welder’s environment. Spatter, flying chips, and slag wouldn’t bother you as you work focused on your work as the jacket does its job while you do yours.


  • Welding jacket made from BSX® Flame-resistant cotton.
  • The fire retardant treatment is good for up to 50 runs through the wash.
  • Button up Welder’s collar keeps the sparks out.
  • Long arm protection for coverage.
  • Zippered Twin inside pockets.
  • Scribe/pencil pockets on the sleeves.
  • Soapstone pocket on the outside.
  • Adjustable cuff and waist straps.
  • Keeps my neck from arc burn and I no longer have that sunburn on my neck.
  • No more “Redneck” look.
  • The sleeves tighten up around the wrists.
  • The scribe pocket is a nice feature and I keep my stuff safe from sparks with the inside pockets as well.
  • You get the best low-cost jacket on the market today.
  • No more burns from spatter and sparks and in a lightweight jacket as well.
  • You can slip it on fast and get out just as fast when it’s quitting time and it is a comfortable jacket to wear during the shift.
  • Runs a little on the small side and you need to go with a larger size.
  • Don’t expect heavy usage out of a low-cost product.

Reviewer’s thoughts

For those who work in light Fab work, this is a nice little jacket for the price. Do not expect the same level of protection that top end jackets offer. It is not made to stand up to heavy plasma cutting or where you expect a room full of splatter.

The word lightweight means just that. So, if you are working in a light production environment it’s okay and what it is made for.

The reviewer found it to be comfortable and the fire retardant material held up reasonably well when using normal welding with gas, portable plasma rigs, and even Xenon close up work. However, by no means is this something I would wear in a heavy production environment or a major salvage operation and cutting on thick heavy girders high off the ground.

Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

If you are a stick welder, you’ll appreciate the extra protection that the flip up collar this jacket provides you when you are in a production welding environment. The collar is secured by Velcro’s and is high enough that it covers both front and back well. In addition, a double set of snaps locks the front up to your Adam’s apple as well. It comes in medium, large, and extra large sizes as well.

It also sports a cloth insert at the rear for added protection to ensure you avoid neck burn and that “redneck look.” Leather covers the front and canvas in the back gives you the protection in the front where you need it and lightness to move in and about a work site.

Those who work inside pressure vessels will love the freedom of movement this provides and it is tough enough for overhead and production floor work as well.


  • Made for heavy or light welding.
  • Made of heavy leather to protect your chest.
  • Cotton back keeps you cool while working.
  • Flip up collar Velcros into place.
  • Snap up front.
  • Interior pockets for your stuff.
  • Breast pocket holds what you need to get at fast like your scribe, pencil, and soapstone.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Not too tight and fits well.
  • 9 oz cotton backing lets you stay cool and is also fire resistant as well.
  • Sizes match you and the back breathes and lets you stay cool in a production environment.
  • The flip up collar locks into place and I haven’t had a spark reach my neck yet.
  • When the Velcro collar is locked, you don’t have to worry about arc-burned neck any longer. Your arms and chest are protected by heavy duty cowhide and it all snaps up in a jiffy.
  • Working with Stick and plasma torches can be difficult if you are always worrying about sparks and chips setting you on fire, not anymore when you have this coat on. Cool and touch it does the job well and you are kept cool at the same time.
  • Be careful of sizing as you may need to go up a size to get a proper fit.
  • Be careful washing as the black dye can bleed over into the red backing.

Reviewer’s thoughts

It is a nice take on the traditional welding jacket. It has a leather front and a 9 oz cloth back. This is great for sparks coming at you from that direction. However, it does not as well from sparks, chips and spatters from your work mates behind you. The collar is good to keep the sparks off your neck.

But, this reviewer prefers all around protection. The jacket is cool true because of this but I am old fashion and prefer a full jacket for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket

The Best Welding Jackets of 2020 – Top 5 Reviews 2

The keys to a good welding jacket are protection and keeping you cool in the process. This jacket from Caiman provides the former by using real leather taken from a boar that have some of the toughest skin in the animal kingdom next to rhinoceros hide. This makes it lighter than the equivalent thickness cowhide jackets, which make up many of the jackets you find on the rack today.

Back to the issue of protection that the jacket offer is that it snaps up the front and all the way to the neck with a wing tip collar and comes up half wave up the neck. A shoulder pocket holds your scribe and pencils.

It looks like a lightweight denim jacket that cowboys wear to a rodeo but is made to withstand sparks, slag chips, and arc burns. This makes it a good fit for a welding shop and a salvage yard.


  • Lightweight Boar hide.
  • Weighs 3 pounds.
  • Great protection for welding and working indoor worksites.
  • Vented in the sides and back to allow ventilation.
  • Stylish and you can wear it like a motorcycle jacket.
  • Keeps off old sparky and even while doing overhead work it’s okay.
  • The material is tough and breathes in a hot environment. The collar could be higher though.
  • Caiman makes a good welding jacket that covers the front and back fine.
  • Fits well and will protect arms neck properly while you are stick and TIG welding.
  • Good welding jacket at a good price.
  • Didn’t have to order a size up as with some of the other Chinese made welding jackets, It fits in all the right places and is well vented for summer use.
  • Snaps could be better quality.
  • I wish the jacket was double stitched as the thread seems a bit flimsy.
  • The collar went above the midpoint of the neck as my mask leaves the nap of my neck exposed.

Reviewer’s thoughts

A good lightweight jacket for stick welding, if I was doing plasma cutting I would like something heavier, though. The jacket is what you expect from one in this price range and it comes from China. Having said that the workmanship is better than found in some of the other jackets we’ve seen. But, the thread that holds everything together could be a better grade for longer life.

It holds up for the work mentioned and will keep you cool in the midsummer’s heat. But for winter you might want order it in a larger size to accommodate some extra padding to help you keep warm when outside.

While not the greatest jacket I’ve seen, I would rate it in the middle of the pack, which makes it a sight better than many of the imported welding jackets out there. So, I would give this jacket good marks for heat protection, cooling, and lower for the thread thickness.

Revco Black Stallion Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket

Right off the bat, you see the Black Stallion logo you know you have a jacket made for hard work and resistant to what you will be facing when welding. TIG, MIG, and Stick welders wear these jackets and it covers their arms, necks, and in just the right places in front and back as well.

You have the ability to seal the jacket tight when you want it at the neck, wrists, and at the waist. This keeps sparks and chips from getting inside the jacket with you and causing burns and chafing.

Arc burn is prevented by a high collar and you can snap it up tight when you are working outdoors.


  • Genuine Cowhide.
  • Satin lined shoulders lets you move about comfortably inside.
  • The collar is customizable to match your neck and keep you from suffering burns.
  • Stitched up with Kevlar threads and you’ll never have to worry about it unraveling.
  • Sized to fit and easy to close up even when gloved.
  • I don’t worry about neck burns with this collar. Though you need to be careful if you have a large neck you might want to order a large size to accommodate thicker necks.
  • Comfortable and the seams seem strong and there is no pull apart.
  • Holds up well even after 6 months of constant use and the collar is a bit tight and I don’t snap the last snap because of this.
  • The cuffs are wider to fit larger wrists and the jacket takes the heat without complaint.
  • I use Plasma and the spatter can be heavy when going full bore. But so far no problems while I am wearing this coat when wreathed in the flames like a character out of Dante’s inferno.
  • I needed to order the next size up as the collar was too narrow.
  • The seams are tough, but the snaps are lightweight and they can fail you and then you need to replace all of them to get a match on all of them.
  • The lining is only on the shoulders and only in a small section of that as well.

Reviewer’s thoughts

Full leather protection, which is nice, and holds up to the heat of various torches and rigs that welders use in the field. From Plasma to Stick, it covers the gamut well for protection.

The areas of concern are neck sizing and the snaps. These are its two weak points. I love snaps and buttons equally. However, snaps can come undone if they are not of quality make. This can let an errant spark get inside with your bare skin.

Other than this, it is a good welding jacket and at a fair price.

The Best Welding Jacket we chose was the…

Best Welding Jacket

Miller Electric Black Pigskin Jacket for obvious reasons as it offers the maximum in coverage of any of the jackets I have had the privilege to review for you and it has the features you want in the best of the best in Welding jackets.

It offers protection for your neck and the rest of you as well which is what you wanted in the first place. It then provides comfort and then finally it looks good as well. It costs a bit more than many on the market true. But, when it comes to protecting yourself in a hostile environment, you want the maximum in protection and the cash goes by the wayside when it’s your neck & skin being burned.

The Cheapest welding jacket we’ve found that still gets the job done is…

cheap welding coats

The Revco BSX. Those who are shopping around for the best deal or students are taking welding in school don’t have a lot of cash to blow on a welding jacket and this jacket will fit your needs for basic protection in class or in a shop environment.

It’s a no frills jacket and at a low price that wouldn’t set you back a lot of bread. Later, of course, you’ll want to upgrade to a better class of jacket should you decide to make welding your avocation and pursue it as a career. However, for right now it has you covered and does so adequately.

Final thoughts

The Best Welding Jackets of 2020 – Top 5 Reviews 3

Getting a welding jacket is now much easier and having the best in our view is having one from Amazon. You have seen the selection we have found for you in 5 of the best that the net has to offer.

You can go without recommendations or choose the one that suits your needs and tastes better. Now you’ve seen what can be had, you can have one of them for yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse, and it will be sent to where you want it for yourself or as a gift to the welder in your life as well.

Until next time, keep those torches hot and the metal flowing.

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