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A car wash is a place used to clean both the exterior and the interior of a vehicle. A car wash can be self-service, automatic, or full service where you have attendants washing the car for you.

What are the different types of car washes?

1. Hand car wash- In this type of car wash, the washing is done by employees.

2. In-bay carwash- They are mostly automated. The automatic washing machine and dryer moves back and forth over a still car thus cleaning and drying it. They are mostly common in filling stations.

3. Lifted Car Wash-Cars are placed on a car wash lift and then washed by the attendants.

4. Self service car wash-They are mostly coin operated and the customer does all the washing.

5. Tunnel car wash-They use a conveyor to move the vehicle through some cleaning procedures.

6. Chemical car wash- This type uses chemicals to wash and polish car surfaces. It is mostly recommended for cars with light dirt to avoid surface damage.

7. Steam car wash-This is a low-investment eco-friendly carwash that uses steam to wash the cars.

What factors should you consider before setting up a car wash?


A good carwash should be situated in a place that is easily visible to motorists. For example the returns made in a back street carwash are not the same with those located on a busy route.


You should consider locating the carwash in a place that is easily accessible and will be easy for the motorists to stop.


Look into the neighboring businesses. If there are other several car washes around, you should consider setting it up in a different location.


Some places are costly than others. Set it up in a place that doesn’t require a lot of overheads for smooth operations so that you can maximize the profits.


It is important to choose a place that is secure. For example, even if you install security cameras on a backstreet, you will have to deal with vandalism cases. Motorists too would want their cars washed in a safe neighborhood.


Demographics mostly deal with the age, sex and population. The old people wouldn’t have much use of a car wash so you shouldn’t consider putting up a carwash in a place where the majority of the population consists of the aged.

If all the above favor you, the following are the steps of coming up with one;

 Do the paper work.

 Carry out the planning and approval process.

 Research more about car washes.

 Make the operations decisions ie how the carwash will be run.

 Come up with a business plan.

 If needed, get financing.

 Build a good carwash.

 Work on marketing now.

After setting it up, make sure you have a customer friendly (in the case of a hand wash carwash) crew so that the customers can always come back.

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