How to clean your chainsaw ?

A chainsaw is a powerful tool that requires regular maintenance. This is because of the intensity of work it’s used for and to ensure its durability as part of maintenance cleaning may be a necessity. You do not have to worry however about cleaning it daily but instead do it when necessary or when you notice its too dirty to use as it is. While using the chainsaw, you may think some of that sawdust or wooden chips do not get into it, but in reality, they do. Also, that’s not the only dirt. As part of maintenance, you have to occasionally oil and grease your chainsaw. As you continue doing it, the old grease and oil if not removed, becomes dirt which should be another reason to make you clean it. These are tough stains that you certainly want to avoid if you are looking forward to a long-lasting chainsaw.

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The first thing you need to ensure before you start cleaning is that your chainsaw is unplugged from the power source. Safety has to be the primary measure you take before you either cut yourself or electrocute while cleaning. How do you go about the cleaning now? Here is a guide to it:

1. Detach the saw from the bar

how to clean chainsaw

For a thorough clean, always start by detaching the chain from the bar. This will allow you to clean the various parts plus the chain itself quite quickly. You are looking forward also for a perfectly clean and thus the chain also needs to be cleaned. After detaching, soak the chain in a bucket of turpentine or ammonia and water for about 10-20 minutes. This allows you to get rid of the grease and oil in between its teeth and on its surface.

2. Clean the bar

After letting the chain soak, let it settle for a while as you clean the bar now. Always have a bucket of warm soapy water for a thorough clean on the surfaces of the bar. If you do not have tough stains, you certainly will have an easy job while you clean.

For a less severe stain, use a soft rag to get rid of the dirt by cleaning with the warm soapy water. Ensure you do it thoroughly for a perfect clean. Tougher stains will need you to be tough on them too. Use a wire brush for a scrub and ensure you make the best out of it. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and let it dry naturally as much as possible.

3. Clean the chain

Now that your chain has soaked as you attended to the bar take it out off the soaked ammonia or turpentine. While you do so make sure to use protective gear such as gloves and industrial glasses since the solutions are the best to get in contact with.

Use your wire brush to scrub the chain carefully so that you get into its teeth and clean its surfaces neatly. After you are done, ensure that you rinse and dry with a soft rug.

4. Attend to the powerhead

Since the powerhead is undoubtedly an essential part of the chainsaw and you have to engage it to start, dirt in different forms settles on it. Cleaning it is just as important as the other parts and rather easier as you will need a rag and warm soapy water to get rid of dirt, oils and grease on it.

As part of being a perfectionist, you may also go as far as inspecting its air filter and clean it if unnecessary. Before you get to assemble the whole chainsaw, check also attend to all screws as they are exposed too to grease, wooden chips and oil as much.

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