Choosing the right Holster for Your Firearm

Probably because of so much gun violence in recent times, firearms vendors have been setting up shop at an unprecedented rate. And gun sales have never been better.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where gun violence has grown rampant and concerned citizens have begun arming themselves.

Generally speaking, this can be a deterrent to criminals. It’s easy to rob an unarmed person either in the home or on the street. But when a criminal knows that the intended victim may well be carrying a firearm, most criminals are unlikely to run the risk.

Choosing the right Holster for Your Firearm 1

In most states, to carry a firearm, it’s necessary to have a permit, commonly called a CCW. With this in hand, an individual may purchase a handgun and carry it around into most locations. There are notable exceptions such as airports and many public buildings — in many cases, it’s enough to hand in the weapon when entering and retrieve it upon leaving.

Another friendly reminder: If stopped in traffic or other circumstances where law enforcement is involved, it’s wise to tell the officer immediately that you have a weapon and a permit. Police officers do not like surprises such as finding a weapon on a person.

But what are you going to do with the firearm? Some tiny .25 caliber automatics can be carried in handbags, but these are favored by women for a last-minute up-close defense weapon.

Most men, as well as many women, prefer a heavier weapon with greater firepower than they can get from a .25 or a .22. Now an attacker may later die of his wounds, but later isn’t helping at the moment. When it comes to carrying a firearm on our person, most of us want something that delivers a punch that will stop most criminals in their tracks.

From there, the next step is to decide on how much firepower (and weight) you’re willing to carry about. .38 caliber revolvers or .380 automatics are about as light as anyone would want to go, considering weight and firepower. Most handguns in this range run from a little over a pound to a pound and a half fully loaded. When you have to carry that around all the time, it can get pretty heavy. Imagine a police officer with all the equipment he or she must carry around all day long!

Getting into real crime-stopping firearms, you can move up to something like a .45 automatic. These will do the job, but at nearly two pounds fully loaded, they can present a challenge to wear all the time, especially in warm weather.

If you want to be another Dirty Harry, you can move up to some big fellows, some weighing as much as four pounds. Unless you’re really expecting big trouble, you probably wouldn’t want to go that far.

Now how are you going to carry your handgun.? The ladies’ handbags may be all right for small weapons, and any handgun can be deadly, no double of that. .Many prefer a revolver because a revolver is more foolproof than an automatic. Today’s automatic pistols, however, are extremely efficient. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right ammunition, i.e. the particular bullet they like best.

A little research in a gun store or online will show you that there are holsters for everyone. There are neat holsters to be worn inside the beltline and holsters to be worn outside. There are many sorts of shoulder holsters for concealed carry and there is even clothing with leather pockets sewn in for carrying a weapon.

If you live in a state that allows open carry, then you have a wide choice of holsters, a decent one will be designed for your particular weapon. These may be worn on the belt in a modern-day cowboy style. I wouldn’t recommend the ,45 we’ve so often seen in the movies. Unless you want to be “cowboy” with the full outfit, that’s not a good choice because of the weight and the fact that you can only safely carry five rounds in the cylinder and to reload you have to eject the spent rounds by hand one at a time and reload in the same way. By the time you did all that your assailant could be on the 3:10 to Tuscon and out of range!

For smaller weapons — and many of these are available in .45 caliber too — the inside the belt concealed carry works well for most. The holster, designed for your weapon, fits inside your trouser waistband while being hooked to your belt. In the small of the back (for most people) it won’t make a bulge and can even be worn in warm weather with the shirttails hanging out, It’s comfortable for most and easily within reach when needed. These are designed in such a way that they won’t collapse when you draw the weapon allowing for quick and easy replacement when the moment has passed.

It’s not our place here to recommend any particular manufacturer but there are a number of them and all offering good quality holsters especially designed for just about any weapon.

So the takeaway here is to look up manufacturers of holsters and when you decide on a holster, be sure to give them the exact details on your particular firearm so they’ll know what to send you.

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