Concealed Carry For Women Guns

Size matters

The size of gun you carry does matter. You do not want it too small and be laughed out of the area because the gun won’t do anything but tickle your assailant. At the same time you do not want it too large. The gun will be too heavy to lift quickly enough to protect your.

Concealed Carry For Women Guns 1

Here are some guns that make a good conceal carry weapon as long as they are carried correctly and properly

The type of gun matters

One of the keys to finding the right gun to carry is to make sure it can fit your hand perfectly. If the gun doesn’t fit your hand, then you may have a few problems handling it.

Here are some gun types that you can select from and see if they fit your hands or not:

  • #1. The Sig Sauer models- both the P238 and the P938 should do the task that you want them to do. The P238 is a 38 and the P938 is a 9mm. They are both inexpensive guns
  • #2. Smith & Wesson- the top 2 conceal carry guns here are the 357 Magnum Airlight and Ladysmith 38 caliber. The first holds 5 rounds. It is easy to fire, handle but watch out for the recoil. The second has grips in different colors but may be a bit bulky for some women.
  • #3. Ruger- from this brand of gun makers you get the following two choices- 357/.38 Special LCR which uses both 357 and 38 caliber bullets. Then there is the LC9 which is a lightweight and compact gun that uses 9 mm shells. Both weapons are easy to use and handle.
  • #4. Bersa- this gun maker has only one entry in the concealed carry for women category. It is the 380 Thunder and it comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. The gun works with a 380 ACP bullet and should pack a powerful punch. It is a gun that comes from Argentina.
  • #5. Glock- you may have heard of the Glock as its normal sized weapon is very powerful and stops humans quickly. With this gun maker you have three excellent options the 43, 26 and 19. Each model works for both men and women.

Some final words

When it comes to using guns, it is the stopping power that you should look at. It does no good for you to have a gun that lets attackers continue their criminal activity after shooting them.

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