Concealed Carry For Women Tips

Carrying a concealed weapon

Has its ups and downs. One of the challenges to concealed carry for women is how to conceal your weapon without looking like you have a concealed weapon on you or in your purse.

That may sound like a difficult task to do but if you follow the right tips you should do okay and feel safer when you walk the streets. One tip women get is to carry your gun inside your waist band.

Well, if you are nervous, and this is told to men, and pull the gun out wrong, you could cause yourself some bodily damage in the wrong spot. Being careful in your concealment is always an important factor.

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Here are some top concealed carry tips to help you out:

#1. The type of clothing you wear

Is always a vital part of your concealed carry task. You need to make sure the clothes you are wearing are compatible with your purpose of wearing them. A good jacket that has large easy to remove item designs to their pockets is a must.

You do not want to get your hand or gun stuck on the pocket edge. Also, having it a bit oversized will conceal a gun if you are carrying it inside or on your body. Sweaters need a large pocket as well. You will have to give up that pocketless style if you want to carry a gun.

Pants are okay but if they are going to be tight fitting you are going to have trouble removing your gun when you need it most. Make sure the clothes you buy work with concealed carry.

#2. The type of purse you carry

Purses carry a lot of needed items and now they are being asked to carry a weapon. Depending on the size of gun you need, you may have to carry a larger purse. Here are some tips for the kind of purse you should have with you carrying your gun:

  1. Materials- the more durable the better. Leather and denim have been suggested for this aspect
  2. Measurements- the purse should measure about 11 by 9 by 3 inches over all. The gun pocket should measure a minimum of 8 by 7 inches
  3. Practical use- the gun and gun pocket should be easily accessed with nothing in your hand’s way
  4. Organization- a zippered pocket is best but don’t have your purse contents thrown inside in a hap hazard fashion

How to carry your concealed weapon

The first thing you need to do is walk and act like you do not have a gun hidden somewhere on your person. The second thing you need to do is not to leave your purse unattended.

Also forget about hanging it on a chair, coat rack etc. Keep it close to you at all times

Some final words

These tips are just to help you get started in carrying your new weapon. Talk with experts to get more good tips to help you out.

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