Crossbow for the Family

Crossbows are used in hunting and sporting events. They have been growing in popularity, becoming a great family past time. With the growth comes change and variations and expanding to more women and kids. Women and children need lighter materials to have better control of the weapon. It’s important to remember that even thought it is great fun it’s also used to kill and should be used correctly at all times.

What kind of accuracy does it get?

▪︎ With a good one you can reach 25 to 50 yards accurately. This makes it great for a beginner to achieve success.

What are some advantages?

▪︎ Compared to a gun, the crossbow makes less noise when it’s fired. Some kids will find it much less intimidating than a gun.

▪︎ Arrows can be shot over and over unlike bullets. This will ensure the child can have adequate practice to be proficient very quickly. That is a great confidence booster and very cost-effective for the parent.

▪︎ It is easier to draw back a crossbow rather than a traditional one. This is one more reason it is good for young or disabled people. Since it’s aimed just as a rifle, it makes it easy to fire from a sitting or kneeling position.

▪︎ Learning to use it takes less time than a regular bow. This makes it easy to achieve success and skill very quickly.

▪︎ The child will not outgrow the crossbow for many years sometimes you must buy two or three regular bows for the kids as they grow up. This is another way that it is cost effective.

Crossbow for the Family 1

▪︎ Once it is drawn back it will stay set until fired. They make the arrows able to fly at incredible speeds, the arrows shoot ahead further than traditional bow, and they hit harder making it easier to take down your game.

Do you need a permit or license?

▪︎There is no requirement for any permit or license. In some states it is banned so it’s best do check with your state laws and regulations. The common age is 18 years of age to purchase a crossbow.

Are all arrows the same?

▪︎ Arrows made for a crossbow are called bolt or quarrel. Bolts are shorter than arrows made for a traditional bow, they’re made from carbon fiber or aluminum. They range in length from 16in to 22 in. Most common used is 20 in boats.

▪︎ When you purchase the product it will come with a recommended size for your bolts. When buying new ones just keep to the same size that was recommended for the best experience.

▪︎ It’s important to buy quality arrows if you are hunting or taking part in a sporting event. Good quality is important for speed and accuracy. Animals can move pretty fast so the crossbow must be incredibly fast in order to take down a big game animal such as a deer.

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