Dog kennel flooring ideas

Your dog gives you so much

So when building an outdoor kennel for him or her, you need to give some thought to the dog kennel flooring ideas you have been told about. Each different flooring has their good points and their bad points so it is essential you find the right one for your treasured pet.

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flooring for dog

Two flooring materials you want to avoid are wood chips & straw. These get to soggy and can present a health hazard to your dog. They also disintegrate fairly quickly and you have to freshen them up every so often.

Dog kennel flooring ideas

Because your dog doesn’t ask for much, but gives a lot, you should take the time and the expense to make sure their kennel flooring is the best. There are several options for you to choose from.

#1. Wood flooring– these is a nice material you can use. It goes over concrete and gravel quite easily. The best wood to use is untreated as treated wood has harmful chemicals in it. Paint the untreated wood with a non toxic paint to protect your pet and the wood at the same time

#2. Plastic– two things stand out with this dog kennel flooring option., First, it is light weight and comes in a variety of forms so you can be creative in constructing your kennel floor.

Second, it is inexpensive and a lot cheaper than wood. You save money and your back when using this idea. An honorable mention is that this flooring material also comes with mold, mildew, germ, and even sun resistant ingredients and protects your dog.

#3. Rubber– you can buy the rubber flooring and that material is safe for your dog’s limbs or you can simply use a good,large rubber mat. Either way your dog has somewhere soft to walk and the rubber resists the elements. Rubber mats go over wood, plastic and concrete quite well.

#4- Bamboo– this is technically a wood but it is a very durable wood that should endure your dog’s activities when he or she is inside their kennel. Bamboo is tough but it looks good inside a kennel.

#5. Concrete– it is tough, it is long lasting, it is easy to clean. That makes it a good candidate for kennel flooring. But it is also hard and can hurt your dog’s limbs. You would need to add softer items to keep your dog nice and comfortable

Some final words

Getting dog kennel flooring ideas is not difficult. Installing the right one and making the right decision is not so easy. The best solution is to get the material that fits your budget while providing your pet with a nice safe, healthy place to relax.

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