How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Car 2020 – Top 3 Products Reviewed

Cockroaches are an issue that pops up among most nations in the world. It seems like everyone’s got ’em. They especially love warm, dark and moist places. This includes both interior and exterior environments. While they are most often associated with home and business infestations, it is entirely possible for cockroaches to make their homes in RVs or automobiles. This is particularly true if there are any old food remnants or anything that they can find to eat.

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Car

They are always on the prowl for a new food source and they’re liable to move into any space that is fit for making a home base so they can travel back and forth to food sources that they happen to find. They will even feast on animal waste or garbage that is found in a driveway or near an outdoor garbage can.

If you’ve had the unfortunate and disgusting shock of finding these nasty critters in your car, you may be wondering how to get rid of roaches in your car. Don’t despair, there are some amazing products available just for this specific use. This is the type of thing that can happen to any one and roach issues affect people from all walks of life. You can acquire cockroaches in your vehicles simply by transporting any good that have been exposed to an infestation in your vehicle. It just takes a few moments for the problem to start and a single roach can turn into a multifaceted nightmare.

BEST Roach Killer Comparison

Item Name Rating Price  
2 Tubes Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait
Invict Gold Roach Gel Bait
4 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait
Combat Max Roach Killing Bait
3.5 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Boric Acid Roach & Ant Killer
Boric Acid Roach & Ant Killer
4 out of 5 stars
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Roach Killer Reviews

2 Tubes Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait

cockroaches in car

Invict Gold Cockroach bait gel offers professional results for eliminating infestations of pests. When used as directed, this product is pet safe and deadly on bugs. The bait matrix targets all species of cockroaches with unbeatable force. The gel can be used for killing roaches and other insects of light to moderate infestations in office buildings, residential areas, industrial sites and commercial buildings. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


  • The active ingredient in this product is indoxacarb in a 0.6 percent.
  • It is easy to apply because you simply squeeze the tube to lay down one to three dots of gel every ten linear feet.
  • It is intended for cockroach infestations of light to moderate proportions.
  • This product is effective on all species of cockroaches and it can be used inside of cracks, crevices and in other hard to reach areas.
  • Invict Gold roach bait gel is very effective at killing roaches.
  • The results are seen as soon as the first day after you put it down and the evidence of the kill continues with roaches dying throughout the hatching cycle.
  • This gel insecticide works great for placing into cracks and out of the way places.
  • It’s the best solution for major infestations.
  • Users report that while the product seems to work very well for killing and eradicating cockroach infestations, but they’ve received batches that had no effect on the insects.
  • It is suspected that some of the products were not properly manufactured and may not have contained enough of the active ingredient to be effective.
  • Some customers who had this experience assumed that they bought a bad batch that wasn’t formulated right at the factory.

The Invict Gold Cockroach bait gel is useful for applying to small areas in a dollop that can easily be hidden from view. It is perfect for placing a spot under each car seat, in the corners of the trunk space and near the glove box. These are the places where cockroaches are the most likely to hide in a car. When the gel spots are placed in hidden areas, they are less likely to come into contact with humans. It is recommended that any pets riding in the car be restrained in a kennel because this formulation is toxic to humans and animals.

It is also vital that small children are not allowed to come into contact with the gel spots you really need to be careful about where you place it and make sure that it is not in an area where pets or children might either walk through it, touch it with their fingers or get it on their skin.


This product has received very high marks for effectiveness is killing and controlling cockroaches. It is a convenient gel that is easy to apply and it is versatile for multiple application areas. Some users reported that certain batches of this product were high performers and others had no effect on roaches. While there were a few unsatisfied customers the majority gave it rave reviews for a cumulative rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. The Invict Gold Cockroach bait gel comes highly recommended.

Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait, Small Roach Bait Station

how to get rid of roaches in your car

Combat roach baits are designed to provide a full year’s worth of roach control. They start killing roaches within just a few hours of placement and they keep killing roaches for twelve months before they need to be replaced. Solving your cockroach problem is as simple as putting the roach bait trays wherever you see the roaches.


  • The Combat roach bait formulation is designed to attract roaches to the bait which contains an active ingredient called fipronil.
  • Convenient trays hold the bait in place so roaches enter the tray to consume the poison.
  • This allows you to place them in cupboards, behind appliances and in out of the way places. Just be sure that they don’t come into contact with food or serving utensils.
  • The trays are a lot safer than gel products that are applied directly to surfaces where they could come into contact with pets or small children.
  • They are easy to place and are very effective in wiping roaches out.
  • Combat starts killing roaches the first day that they’re set out.
  • Place them in the evening and you find dead roaches in the morning.
  • This product is not safe for pets or children and it really needs to be placed out of reach.
  • It kills cockroaches but it doesn’t kill their nests so they just keep hatching out.

The trays are simple to use for placement under car seats or in the trunk area. The bait and roach killer is safely stored in the bait trays so it can be kept away from kids and pets. The roaches have to crawl into the trays to get to the bait, which is formulated to attract them out from wherever they are hiding.


This product has been rated with a high customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of a possible 5 stars. The majority of users report that it did an excellent job of killing roaches shortly after placement and that it works very well for wiping out moderate infestations. While a few customers were not satisfied with the effectiveness and there are some concerns about pet safety, the negative responses were far lower than the positives. Most would recommend this for others who are having issues with cockroaches and want to get rid of them.

Boric Acid Roach & Ant Killer

get rid of roaches

When you have a problem with cockroaches or other pests, the best solution is to use the right product to wipe them out. Zap A Roach Boric Acid Roach and Ant killer is highly effective in killing these pests quickly. Roaches walk through it and it sticks to their legs and causes them to dehydrate and die. Many of them will carry the powder back to their nests so it can have disastrous effects on the colony as well.


  • Zap A Roach Boric Acid roach and ant killer features one hundred percent boric acid as the only ingredient.
  • This ensures that the maximum strength of the formula is aimed at killing roaches and ants with no fillers which can dilute the power.
  • The container has a thin nozzle top for applying the powder into holes, cracks, crevices and hard to reach places for maximum coverage.
  • This product is odorless so there will be no smell during use and it is non-staining so it will not adversely affect any surfaces to which it is applied.
  • Boric acid is the safest pesticide for use around humans and pets and it poses very little risk.
  • It is highly effective in killing roaches and for preventing reinfestations.
  • It does not lose its power through time so it keep working.
  • Roaches and ants do not develop a tolerance to boric acid so it is an ideal pesticide that is relatively safe for animals and people, but deadly for roaches, fleas, ants, silverfish, earwigs and water bugs.
  • The dispenser tends to clog.
  • It’s really hard to get the product out of the container without cutting the top off.

This product comes in powder form so it is easy to place in small cracks and holes where roaches like to hide. It can also be put in small containers and put under the seats of your car. Anyone who has a roach problem in their car and also has pets or small children can rest easier when they use boric acid as a pesticide because although it is very effective for killing roaches, it is much safer for humans and animals.


The Zap A Roach boric acid roach and ant killer gets a 4.4 out of possible 5 stars for being an effective pesticide with the added benefits of increased safety for people and animals. It is easy to apply in cracks and crevices where insects like to hide. It takes a few days to work, but once it starts, it is a very effective way of killing roaches, ants and a variety of other household pests. Some users had a little difficulty with the applicator nozzle but the majority gave it high marks for being a great product overall.

How to know if you have roaches in your car?

If you notice a single roach in your car, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a full blown infestation. It’s possible that one roach was hiding in an item that you were hauling around. Then again, roaches are experts at hiding so if you see one, as the old saying goes, there are probably a lot more behind the scenes.

cockroaches in car

There are certain signs that roaches leave behind, particularly when there is an infestation. Their droppings appear as a black gritty dirt. As roaches hatch out, there is a tendency for them to leave behind egg casings which are generally a light to medium brown in color, depending on the species. If you suspect that you have roaches in your car, it’s time to take action to get rid of them.

How to decide which product is the best for use in cars?

The best choice of roach killer is the one that is easiest for you to use and the one that will be the most effective. If you’re on a budget, there are some inexpensive options that are as effective as the more expensive brands. We’ve included three of the top rated roach killing products so you will have the information to decide which one of the three would be the best for your situation.

Best Roach Killer to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Car

BEST Roach Killer

Based on the conclusions of our product reviews, we recommend the Invict Gold Cockroach bait gel as the best product for getting rid of roaches in your car. The reason that we chose this product is because it is a very versatile type of roach killer. It comes inside of a tube that makes it easy to place the gel spots anywhere that it needs to be placed.

It can be squeezed into cracks or crevices so it is well out of the reach of children or pets. It can be easily put under appliances or in corners to maximize its effectiveness. Out of the three top products that we’ve featured in this review, this is the one that stands out as the top pick with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The Best Cheap Roach Killer for Your Car

how to get rid of roaches in your car

This product is another favorite among people who have used it and gave their opinion about it. Consumers gave it an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Boric Acid is a less expensive option for ridding your car of pests and this is why we’ve labeled it as the best cheap product. Don’t let the price fool you though. It has a high satisfaction rating because it really works well.

One of the best things about this product is that it is pure boric acid, which is a known enemy of roaches and many other insects. This substance is the least toxic for people and there is less chance of poisoning when using it. Of course, it can cause eye irritation and it shouldn’t be ingested, but it is less hazardous than the other two selections that we have presented.

We don’t want to discount the value of the Combat brand which is also a top pick. Although it wasn’t our first or second choice, it definitely comes in third above the other roach killers out there. It works very well and is also suitable for killing roaches that live in your automobile. We give it an honorable mention as a third choice if neither of the two top picks are your preference.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to do if you have cockroaches in your car. It is a creepy situation for sure, and a potential health hazard as they are nasty little buggers. There are three good product choices, any of which will work very well, but the best one for you depends on your situation. It also depends on which type you are the most comfortable using.

Some things to consider before you make your final choice include where you plan to place the product, which type will be the easiest to use, e.g. powder, gel or trays. There are pros and cons associated with each type so use the information provided in this review to make your own list of pros and cons and choose the one with the greatest advantages and you’ll have your answer.

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