How does non tearing shampoo work?

How does non tearing shampoo work? It contains surfactants which have two sides. One side is attracted to the water particles while the other is attracted to the oil particles. The attraction to different particles leads to reduction of surface tension which in turn make the shampoo to penetrate deep and break the sebum. Oily scalp can be cleaned easily through application of the solution. A non-tearing solution means it will not cause tears to the eyes of the baby. In most cases, the manufacturers of the product ensure they use gentle substances which cannot irritate the eyes of the babies. A baby will not know to close eyes and avoid irritation. Use of gentle substances in the cleaning solution makes it easy to make the baby enjoy tear free cleaning experience. Here are some of the ways through which the best shampoo for oily hair works:

Surface active agents attracted to water

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The first surface of the solution will get attracted tot eh water particles. The surfaces which are attracted to the water particles have opposite charge to that of water. The attraction effect leads to breaking down of the surface tension. There are forces on the surface of the solution. It is through breaking of the forces which leads to reduction of surface tension hence making it easy to clean your oily scalp.

Surface active agents attracted to oils

There is the other part of the solution which will get attracted to the oils. When it is attracted to the oils, it finally leads tot eh breaking of the chains between the solutions. You can apply the solution to clean your scalp and it will work perfectly. Even when cleaning your face, you will not have to worry about irritations. It is carefully formulated to make it easy as you clean the face. In most cases the solution is applied to clean baby faces. There are several brands in the market which make it necessary for you to choose the best. Check out buyer’s reviews and it will be possible to make the right decision as you buy the shampoo.

Reducing the surface tension

The main idea behind the effective cleaning results is the breaking of surface tension. The solution works in such a way it will effectively break the surface tension which makes it possible to achieve the best results as you try to clean the surfaces. Surface tension in different solutions vary. You may have to apply more cleaning solution in a given formulation before you can achieve the perfect cleaning results. Take time to check on the effectiveness of a given solution after which you can buy it. You will save a lot of money in the process if you can buy the best solution.

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