How much money can fit in a duffel bag

There are several factors involved

One of those factors is the size of the duffel bag. A small version will not hold as much as a larger one. Then a wider duffel bag will hold more money than a narrower one.

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Then you have to take into consideration the denomination size. Since all paper bills are the same size the number of paper bills will remain the same. Only the value of those bills will change.

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That means while you are carrying a duffel bag filled with money, the value of that money depends on the size of the denomination.

How much money can fit in a duffel bag

A million dollars in $100 bills should be able to fit in a duffel bag measuring 16 by 16 by 16 inches in size. That amount of money uses 10,000 of those $100 bills. Now if you only had $10 bills then you would be looking at stashing 100,000 paper bills in a duffel bag.

You will not get $1 million in a duffel bag using $10 unless you got a very large duffel bag and when it was full you would probably have trouble carrying it. Then it takes 200,000 $5 bills to make a million

If your duffle bag is the same size as the one you are using for $10 bills then you will only get half as much inside the duffel bag.

Another way to figure it

In trying to find out how much money can fit in a duffel bag you should figure out how many bills are in a stack. For $20 there are 100 bills in one stack and that equals $2000. You would need 500 stacks to reach a million and depending on the size of your duffel bag you should be able to fit that million inside.

$50 bills cuts the amount of stacks down to 200 which would take roughly a medium sized duffel bag to handle the job. Then only 100 stacks for $100 bills. Approx. 30 stacks match one ream of paper.

So if your duffel bag equals a case of 10 reams of paper you should fit about $3 million inside of it. If your duffle bag can only hold 3 reams of paper then you are looking at roughly $1 million inside.

Some final words

How much money you can get inside a duffel bag depends on the denominations you use and the size of the duffle bag. The above figures give you a little idea of the total amount you can stack inside.

The key, of course, is to avoid using denominations lower than $20. Its just not worth the hassle to lift the duffel bag for less than that.

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