How Tight Should A Chainsaw Chain Be

Chainsaws are great tools

These top tools help you get a lot of work done very quickly. They are powerful, have fast chain speed and have enough horsepower to cut through a variety of different hard and soft woods.

But they do come with some risk.And if you don’t have the chain tightened just right you are going to run into some problems.

How tight should a chainsaw chain be

That is a very important question because f the chain is not properly tight then you are putting yourself in danger and possibly ruin your chainsaw. To know if your chain saw is tight enough, just grab the top of the chain,lift it up and release very quickly.

If it snaps back and into position while showing no sag at the bottom of the chainsaw then your chain is at the right tension. But, and it is a pretty big but, there is no set rules on how tight the chainsaw chains should be.

Even the professional chainsaw users do not agree and it all depends on your preference. Sometimes it is all about feel and then you have to make a decision on whether to tighten it or loosen the chain.

You have to use the Goldilock’s principle when it comes to tightening your chainsaw chain. That principle is if the tension feels just right.

stihl chainsaw

The dangers of improper tension

Whether you go to tight or too loose there are dangers involved either way. Even if you know how tight should a chainsaw chain be you are never away from risk when using a chainsaw.

Dangers that come with a loose chain:

  1. Chain won’t feed correctly forcing you to apply more force and possibly bending the bar
  2. Chain comes off and hits you at 60 feet per second
  3. Chain saw is hard to use and doesn’t perform well

Dangers that come with a tight chain:

  1. You can wear out the chain faster
  2. Chain can snap and cause you injuries
  3. Damage the saw
  4. Use up too much oil

How to tighten a chainsaw chain

These are the basic instructions to help you make sure the chain is not too loose or too tight:

Step one- let the chain cool down and place the saw on a hard surface

Step two- locate the chain adjustment screw and clean the head off if it is dirty. Loosen the two bar nuts

Step three- Hold the bar nose upright and tighten or loosen the screw

Step four- do the test mentioned above and you should not see any light between the chain and the bar when it is tight

Step five- retighten the bar nuts

Some final words

Always practice safety habits when using a chainsaw and that includes keeping the chain at the proper tension at all times.
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