How To Adjust A Rifle Scope

Keeping them in your sight

Scopes help you be accurate at long range yet many people are afraid to touch their rifle scope because they seem intimidated by them. You do not have to be intimidated by them as all rifle scopes do is magnify your vision so you can see a long ways off.

Just a few adjustments and you should be able to zero in on your target and make an accurate shot. There are just several keys you need to keep in mind as you adjust your rifle scope

What to consider when adjusting your scope

adjusting your scope

The following 3 aspects are key considerations when you learn how to adjust a rifle scope. Mastering these should help you overcome your intimidation:

  1. Getting the right eye relief
  2. Level your scope
  3. Fine tuning the focus on the eye piece

You get these three aspects right and you are on your way to having a great time shooting at your long distance targets. If you are not sure what eye relief is, it is simply the distance from the scope to your eye.

Every scope has the ideal eye relief written in its specs and it will change slightly when you change magnification

How to adjust a rifle scope

The adjustments are easy but the language may get a bit technical so be prepared:

Step one- use the barrel sights on your gun and the scope to look at a distant object. This is called boresighting and you are adjusting your scope to line up with the sights on the barrel of your gun

Step two- fire some practice rounds to see how accurate step one was

Step three- fine tune your alignment by using the adjustable dials on the scope. One click usually represents 1/4 to 1/2 inch change

Step four- use the focus dial to help you get a clear view of your target

Step five- use the cross hairs to help you make any final adjustments

Key tips to help your adjustment

#1. bullets do not fly in a straight line. They fly inn a curve

#2. to hit the target your gun barrel should be pointed up

#3. the horizontal and vertical adjustment knobs are called windage and elevation turrets

#4. these turrets make clicking sounds as you turn them and those adjustments can be in mm or inches

Some final words

Adjusting the best ar 10 scope on riffle takes a little knowledge. Once you learn and understand what all is involved it wont take you very long to master how to adjust a rifle scope.

The key is to be patient and not over adjust. You have the time to make the adjustment so do not rush it.

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