How to buy the perfect crib mattress for your baby

One of the joys of preparing for a new baby in your family is shopping for them. You want to make sure that they have everything that they need. Many parents want to have all of their supplies before the baby arrives. It makes sense as you will be so busy getting to know your new baby that you won’t have time for much else. New moms and dads want their baby to have the best and that is why researching before you buy is best. One product that you should research before you buy is a crib mattress.

crib mattress

Best crib mattress is important as you want your baby to get a good night’s sleep. You want them to be comfortable but also safe in their crib. There are many different types of crib mattresses on the market, however, not all of them are best. Here is a guide of what you should look for when shopping for the perfect crib mattress.

Firm is Best

A firm mattress is the best choice for babies. As soft mattresses put your baby at risk for suffocation. It also increases the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This also means that an infant should not be put to sleep on an adult mattress. Another option if you are thinking long term is a dual firmness mattress. These mattresses have a firmer side for infancy but can be flipped when a child enters into the toddler stage for a softer mattress.

Types of Crib Mattresses

Even though the mattress for a baby has to be firm you still have the option of choosing the type of mattress. There are several options available such as foam, organic and innerspring. It is best to further research the specific matress that you may be interested in. The reason you should research is because some mattresses may contain harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals could create a new medical condition in your child or enhance the effects of an existing condition.

Choosing the Correct Mattress Size

The mattress needs to fit a crib properly. This means that there should be a gap no larger than two fingers between a crib and a mattress. The reasoning for this is because a gap any larger could could trap a baby if they move over and fall between the crib frame and mattress. This could result in the baby becoming injured or even suffocated. Always have the exact measurements of a crib before purchasing the mattress so that you buy the correct fit.

Safety Standards

Make sure that the best crib mattress you purchase has a certifcation seal. There are certain safety standards that mattresses must meet in the US. These standards are set by the CPSC and American Society for Testing and Materials.

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