How to Choose the best Working Table Saw

Are you planning to start a carpentry workshop? Well, one of the essential working tools to consider getting is a table saw. A table saw is a versatile cutting device that allows one to achieve clean and precise cutting of the wood. Other than cutting, a table saw can be used for molding, crowning, and straightening wood chunks for better fitting when building up objects.

How to choose the best table saw for your workshop.

The type of the saw.

There are two types of table saws. There is the portable, and the stationed table saw. The difference is mainly seen in the built and weight since the portable table saws are made in a lightweight design for easy moving with, while the stationed table saw are crafted with heavy-duty form. If you are always on the move, a portable saw will work for you since it is comfortable and easy to carry around.

How to Choose the best Working Table Saw 1
  • The blade.

Table saws are made in different blade sizes. Your work will determine the choice of the blade. Also, note that the volume of the edge determines the number of teeth it has. The sizes of the saw blades range from 5 inches up to 15 inches, respectively. Therefore, choose a blade that will make your cutting process a fast and easy one.

  • The motor.

The motor is the tool that powers the table saw when cutting the wood. So, if you want a functional saw, especially if you are involved in commercial business, choose a saw with high power motor. The smallest engine can produce 2hp at 120V circuits, while the largest can produce up to 5hp at 240 v. The difference between the two motors is that the small one can only cut the thin woods while the other one can cut thick woods. So choose a strong engine that will not limit your work.

  • The safety features.

Accidents are bound to happen when working with such a sharp device. Thus, for safety purposes, ensure to buy a table saw with safety parts to protect your hands when cutting. Some of the most recommended features to look out for are the splitters, ant kickback spaws, and also the blade guard.

  • The cost.

The cost is a significant factor in determining the kind of table saw to buy. The devices come at different prices depending on the model and the available features. For example, a stationed table saw is more costly than portable saw since it has more features. Also, the table saw with different safety parts will cost you more than a plain model. So, make sure the saw you select has all the necessary parts and features.


The above discussed are some of the essential things to look out for when buying a table saw. Ensure it is also made of sturdy and durable materials to serve you for long. Buying from a reliable dealer is also recommended for quality assurance.

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