How to clean a sewing machine

One thing about sewing machines

Is that they are very precise machines. Every part has a purpose and every part needs to be in good working order or installed correctly to work as they should. Lint, loose threads, and even dirt can stop the sewing machine from working as it is designed.

The trouble with broken, loose thread, lint and dust is that they can get into any part of the sewing machine any time they want. If you do not do regular maintenance on them then you are asking for trouble.

How to clean a sewing machine

portable sewing machine

Even if you do not use your sewing machine a lot, keeping it clean is essential for smooth sewing when you do use it. Here are some steps to follow when you do your sewing machine cleaning:

#1. The owner’s manual is important- it provides you with some vital information to help you clean your sewing machine properly. It lists dos and don’ts as well as what tools you should use.

#2. Assemble the right tools- there are not that many tools you need to use. Number one tool is your owner’s manual. If you do not have it there are websites on the internet that do. They can be downloaded in no time.

Next you will need a soft cloth and a lint brush. Needles are also needed as you should replace them on a regular basis as well. Sewing machine oil is necessary and it has to be sewing machine oil.

Steps to clean your sewing machine

How to clean your best portable sewing machine ? Is as easy as following the instructions provided:

#1. cut the power- you cannot afford to take the risk of being shocked, electrocuted or have accidental start ups. Make sure the machine is unplugged before you start

#2. remove needles, bobbins, presser foot, needle plate, and bobbin case- this makes cleaning a lot easier.

#3. use the brush- use your lint brush to sweep away lint, loose threads and dirt. Be thorough as you do not want to leave any of those items behind

#4. canned air- you can power the dirt etc., out but only if you are blowing the dirt out of the machine and not into it. Don’t blow on your sewing machine as that will add moisture to it and contribute to ruining your sewing machine

#5. clean everything- thread paths and every spot you can reach.

#6. use oil- only a drop or two is needed to make sure the sewing machine runs smoothly

Some final words

The watchword for cleaning your sewing machine is take your time and be thorough. You can’t be lazy when cleaning this precision machine.

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