How to fix sewing machine tension knob

Sewing machines are like other machines

They have about 1001 different parts that can mess up, break or get damaged and when they do your sewing time is ruined. One of those parts is called the tension knob.

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It is usually not the knob itself that gets damaged but it can and when it happens you just need to replace it with a new knob. In how to fix sewing machine tension knob it is usually about the tension itself and not the knob

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What to check first

When you are having trouble getting your stitches just right. Or the sewing machine is not functioning well it may not be the tension knob’s fault. With sewing machines, you always go to the usual suspects first.

Here are some places to check before addressing the tension issue:

  1. The thread was not threaded correctly- just re-thread the machine
  2. The machine is dirty- give it a thorough cleaning
  3. There are other parts of the sewing machine that are damaged- replace or repair them
  4. The needle is in wrong, the wrong size, or is bent, broken or dull- replace the needle and put it in correctly
  5. The thread in the bobbin is messed up- or the bobbin is not winding correctly, clean out the thread or replace the bobbin or re-thread it

How to fix sewing machine tension knob

As we said, this problem is not usually with the tension knob. If the tension is too tight or too loose all you need to do is move the knob left or right till you get the right tension on your thread.

Make sure to use a scrap piece of fabric and do a test first before you do anything else. The test should show you which way you need to turn the knob. After you get your upper and lower thread tension adjusted check your bobbin.

You need to see that it is winding correctly and if it isn’t search for the reason why. Sometimes all you need to do is adjust the bobbin tension knob and it will work properly again. Here are some things to check:

  1. Is the bobbin wound right
  2. Do you have the right bobbin for your machine
  3. Is the bobbin case damaged or not

A word on the right bobbin. Sewing machines are very precise machines and they will not work properly if the wrong bobbin is placed inside of them. The difference can be as minimal as using a plastic bobbin when a metal one is required- or vice versa.

Some final words

Learning how to fix sewing machine tension knob is not difficult. It only takes a few minutes to get it done, if that.

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