It Is Easy To Learn How To Hem Jeans With Sewing Machine

When you want to learn how to hem jeans with sewing machine, you can know that it is much simpler than you might think. After doing it the first time, you might be inspired to do all of your own hemming. You can make any jeans you own fit you better by taking care of them with your sewing machine, and you just need to use the tips below so you will do this right.

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Make Sure The Hem Is Lined Up Well

When you are going to be hemming the jeans, you need to make sure that you get the hem lined up to where you want it to be. Put the jeans on and pin the hem to where you want it to go. Make sure that you pin it in a straight line so it won’t look funky once you have sewed it. Make sure that you don’t make them too short, but that you get them just right so that you can feel good about the sewing that you do on them.

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Use The Right Settings On The Machine

Make sure that you adjust the settings on the machine so that it will work well with the thicker jean material. Make sure that you have the right needle in so that it won’t break, and make sure that you go slowly when you are sewing up the hem so you won’t make any mistakes with it or the machine. Take out the pins as you go and be careful not to break them, either.

Pick Out A Matching Thread

You will want to pick out a thread that matches what has already been used in the jeans or that at last matches the color of the jeans. Change it out in both places in the machine so that the hem will look great once it is sewed. Go out and buy a matching thread if you don’t already have one, and you will feel great about the job you do with the hem.

Be Careful And Go Slow

You will want to be very careful about how you sew the hem so that you will feel proud of the job you do on it and can wear the jeans wherever you want without people guessing that you worked on them yourself. You will also want to be slow and careful about sewing them so you don’t wreck the machine. When you make a mistake with the sewing, know that it is easy to take the stitches out, and do that and start over again. It might take a bit of time to get used to sewing the hem, but once you get it done right, you will feel good about it.

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