How To Make A Plate Carrier

What is a plate carrier

There is no use delaying this topic as we are sure there is a large group of people out there who do not know what a plate carrier is. To learn how to make the best plate carrier you need to understand what the item really is.

A plate carrier is a piece of tactical equipment that combines with ballistic plates and creates a bullet proof vest. The plate carrier is as it sounds, it carries the plates in a vest type style so your body is protected from bullets sent your way.

How to make a plate carrier

Now that you have an idea of what a plate carrier is, you also have an idea in how to make one. The first step is to decide what design you are going to follow. There are a myriad of designs so you pretty much have your pick on how yours will look.

The second step is to decide on the fabric you are going to use. Remember the fabric is going to have to carry heavy ballistic plates and these are made of different materials like steel, ceramic or polyethylene materials.

Third, you have to get the plates to the size of the compartments in the design you have chosen. Once you get those decisions made, the rest is just sewing and getting the design to fit your size.

Fourth, besides plates, you will need pockets for other equipment you want to carry with you and have in a convenient location so they are easily accessed. Once you have that figured out make sure to use a strong stitch that won’t break on you.

navy seal plate carrier

Some plate carrier making tips

Here are some tips to help guide your construction process:

  1. You do not have to fill every compartment on your new vest
  2. Avoid layering too many pouches on the front
  3. Arrange pockets so there is little chance of interfering with movement and putting your gun away
  4. Get exact measurements so the vest fits right
  5. Front plate bag should sit 2 finger widths below the collar bone
  6. Make sure you can loosen or tighten all straps, cummerbund and other closures so you get a comfortable yet secure fit.
  7. Keep the rear plate compartment in line with the front one
  8. Keep in mind the role the plate carrier has to play when designing it

Some final words

Making your own plate carrier is the way to get one that fits your body style. It is also the way to make sure you get a comfortable fit without loosing any protection. Just make sure to know what you are doing and keep all the factors mentioned above in mind as your work progresses.

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