How To Make Slime With Dove Shampoo

Remember when slime was a huge trend and everyone was making it? People mixed glitter in, some mixed in confetti. People hoarded glue and made huge tubs full of slime and others made a profit off it. People always found a way to be creative when it came to slime. But have you ever thought of using shampoo instead of glue? Today I’m here to tell you two different ways in which you can use Dove shampoo to make slime. Try the best shampoo for oily hair !

#1- Dove Shampoo and baking soda

dove shampoo

What you will need:

A container to mix and store the slime,

Something to mix the ingredients with

Dove shampoo

Baking soda

How to make it:

Pour a generous amount of Dove shampoo into the container you are using to store and mix your slime.

After adding as much shampoo as you’d like slime, you can start adding pinches of baking soda. For a smaller container or a smaller amount of shampoo, two pinches of baking soda should be enough. For larger quantities, you should add more.

Stir thoroughly. After stirring, put the slime into a refrigerator for approximately 12 hours.

That’s it! During the process, you can also add glitter or sparkles to your slime to make it much more fun!

#2- Dove shampoo and toothpaste

What you will need:

A container to store and mix your slime

Something to mix your ingredients with.

Dove shampoo


How to make it:

Pour a generous amount of shampoo into the container in which you will store and continue to make your slime.

Add a small amount of toothpaste and stir together with the tool you have chosen. Add more shampoo and toothpaste if needed for larger quantities of slime.

Freeze the slime in the refrigerator for ten to sixty minutes. When you take it out, make sure it is of a slime texture.

That’s it!! That is another easy way to make slime without using glue! You can add any additional fun ingredients to make it pop or make it more fun to play with! (I suggest waiting to add ingredients until the toothpaste is fully stirred into the shampoo.)

Whether it be slime or the latest fashion trend, we always find a way to keep up and come up with even more exciting things to share with one another. Slime is a relaxing and fun way to spend your time. Not to mention it’s pretty easy! The above ways to make slime may only take you ten minutes beside the time needed to freeze the slime. This may also be a great way to come together with friends and family for just a little while! Clearly, nothing really can go wrong making slime!

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