How To Measure A Duffle Bag For Carry On When You Need To

When you need to take a duffle bag as your carry on when you travel, you will want to make sure that you get the measurements for it right so it will qualify as the carry on bag. You need to know how to measure best carry on duffel bags, so you won’t be stressed about it when you take it with you. There are a few tips below that you can use to be sure that your bag is just right for your needs.

Measure The Duffle Bag Without The Handle

carry on duffel bags

If there is a handle that goes up and down, then you can put it down when you are measuring the height of the bag. You just want to go all the way from the bottom to the top and make sure that you get the measurement right. You might want to fill the bag and then measure it again if it is a bit floppy so that you know just how high it is when it is full.

Make Sure You Measure All The Way From One Side To The Other

You need to be careful about the measurements so that your bag won’t be refused as a carry on when you get the airport. So, when you are measuring it from one side to the other, make sure that you are generous about the measurement. Put your things inside the bag and see how much they push out the sides. Go from the widest point to the other side and see if it is small enough to be considered a carry on bag.

Put All Of Your Things Inside The Bag

It is good to stuff the bag as much as possible when measuring it so you know just how big it can be when it is full, and it is also good to put all of the things that you are actually going to be taking with you inside of it so you know how big it will really be. You might not stuff it that much when you are going on your trip, and you can measure it to see if it is the right size with the things you want inside of it. Measure it carefully and make sure that you go from every angle at the biggest part of the bag, and you will feel confident about bringing it with you.

Only Bring The Bag If You Are Sure About It

It is easy enough to make all of the measurements when you just go from one end to the other of the bag, but you will only want to bring it if you are sure about it. Measure it well and bring it as your carry on if it is the right size.

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