How To Pack A Dress Shirt So It Doesn’t Get Too Wrinkled

When you need to pack for any kind of a trip, you will want to learn how to pack a dress shirt well so you won’t arrive with a deeply wrinkled shirt. There are a few tricks to keeping the wrinkles out, and whether you are going on a short trip in your car or a long flight, you can use one of these tricks to help you. It is good to know you are packing something like this right so you won’t have a lot of stress when you take it out to wear it.

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Always Bring It In A Bag When You Can

Whenever you are taking a trip in your vehicle, you can make room for a bag with your shirt in it. You might find it a bit annoying to have this hanging in the back and blocking one of the windows, but it might be worth it to put up with the annoyance of that to arrive with a perfectly pressed shirt. When you keep it in a bag, you might not have to do anything to it when you arrive at the destination. You can just hang it up in the closet of your hotel or wherever you are and put it on when you are ready for it.

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Pack The Shirt Well By Folding It Just Right

There is a certain method you can use when packing to get the shirt to be as wrinkle-free as possible, and you need to start by laying it out flat. You can then turn the shirt over, fold in the sleeves, fold up the bottom, and put it in the suitcase. Make sure that it isn’t packed in there too tightly, but also make sure that it will not get flipped around and shoved around as you move the luggage. Put the shirt between a few layers of clothing if you think that might help keep it in place and try not to bend the collar or make a crease in it when you are putting things on top of it.

Consider Rolling It Up To Save Space

If you are tight on space and don’t think that the particular way of folding the dress shirt will work to meet your needs, then you need to roll it up. This will help you save a lot of space with any of the clothing that you are packing, and it will also keep it from getting too wrinkled. You can take the shirt out as soon as you arrive at your hotel and survey the damage. It might just need a quick ironing job or steaming to be in as good of shape as ever because the rolling helped keep it from getting any big wrinkles or creases.

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