How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding

Bleeding dog nails is often a common occurrence for many pet owners. This is because it can usually occur as a result of brittle nails fracturing, minor accidents during nail trimming, or sometimes the dogs often bite their claws while self-grooming, and this can often also result in the similar ordeal. Therefore, with this frequency, pet owners should always be prepared to tackle any nail bleeding appropriately and as fast as possible. Since when left unattended to, it often causes the dog immense pain and might even cause infections. Below are some of the popular and simple steps that you can adopt at home to stop dog nail bleeding.

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Steps to stopping dog nail bleeding

#1. Staying calm

This is the first thing you need to remember before doing anything. Despite the nature of the cause of the bleeding, you need to collect yourself together and be calm. This will reassure you and the dog that you are in control, strong, and not scared. Being scared will scare the dog even further, making them anxious and challenging to treat amidst the bleeding.

#2. Application of mild pressure

The next step is checking the extent of the injury. For minor injuries, you may only need to apply gentle pressure on the bleeding site to begin the coagulation process.

This will entail cleaning the area with a clean cloth, paper towel or a napkin, then using the same clean fabric to contain the blood flow by slightly applying pressure on the site for a few minutes between two to three minutes.

Afterward, check and see if the bleeding has stopped. If not, you may try another method below.

It is, however, essential to note that you should not use too much pressure as this might cause further damage and pain. Also, you should not use common sanitizer products as they react differently to dogs’ bodies.

#3. Application of styptic powder and pencils

These chemicals are often readily available in many pet stores and pharmacies across the country. Thus, many of the professional pet groomers and veterinarians often have them at hand. Therefore, pet owners are also often advised to purchase them and have them in their homes. They are essential as they stop dog nail bleeding in a matter of seconds. These chemicals usually have both anesthetic and antihemorrhagic elements, which guarantees for satisfactory results.

When using the styptic powder, you should follow the steps below;

You will scoop a heap of the powder into the palms of your hand, then hold the dog’s leg and dip the bleeding nail directly into the powder. This should stop the bleeding immediately.

Also, when the dog is nervous and agitated, you may use a moistened cotton applicator to apply the styptic powder. You should, however, keep the applicator in place under moderate pressure for some seconds, and the bleeding will stop.

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Steps to follow when using a styptic pencil

First, you will wet one end of the pencil by faintly moistening it with water.

Then, you will rub the moist end on the bleeding nail. The silver nitrate component will seal the bleeders by coagulating the blood instantly.

You should, however, always remember that styptic products often sting a little when first applied; thus, you should be prepared for drawbacks. Therefore, you need to be able to hold down the dog tight.

If the bleeding doesn’t stop, you should repeat the process up to three times, and if the bleeding persists after about 30 minutes, then you should try medical interventions from the vet’s office immediately.

#4. Application of home remedies

If you do not have any of the above-mentioned styptic products, then you may use readily available home products as substitutes to stop the dog’s nails from bleeding. These include;

  • Cornstarch
  • Flour
  • Baking soda
  • Soap bar

How to use them

Using Cornstarch, baking soda, and flour

Using these follows the similar procedure by the styptic powder.

You need to dip the bleeding dog nail into any of these products.

While taking care not to wipe the nail, you may dip it again and again, if the bleeding persists after the first dip.

You should also often apply mild pressure using a clean cloth to assist in the coagulation process since these materials do not work as fast as the styptic powder.

Using bar soap

This will entail dampening of the soap

Then pushing the bleeding nail into the soft soap and letting it stay there for about 4 minutes.

Application of glue

Glue is also often an essential ingredient that could commonly be used to stop bleeding. Just as it is used in surgeries, you may smear it into the bleeding nail and give it time to dry. It will close the bleed and stop the bleeding. You should, however, ensure that the dog does not consume it.

To ensure that these treatment methods hold, you should follow the process with a light dressing and bandaging of the affected area. Also, you should limit the dog’s movement for about 30 minutes afterward to minimize the chances of scratching the bleeding site prematurely.

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