How to unfreeze a sewing machine

Sewing machines are precision machines

That is why it doesn’t take much to throw them out of whack or even have them freeze up. You have to do proper and regular maintenance on sewing machines to keep them in top working order.

But even then that effort is not always a guarantee that your sewing machine will not freeze or a part will not break. To keep the sewing machine in top shape you should replace those broken parts or unstick the machine as soon as something goes wrong.

Continued use when something is not working right could have you spend a lot more money replacing it than it would just repairing the machine.

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What causes the sewing machine to freeze

While broken parts are one of the more common causes for your sewing machine to stop working, they are not really considered part of the freezing problem. They are broken parts and the machine doesn’t run.

Freezing is when the machine is still in good shape but it just won’t move. Here are some of the causes for that:

  1. Lint got inside
  2. Dirt got inside
  3. Debris got inside
  4. Dust got inside

It doesn’t matter where they get into, once they get inside you are in danger of seeing your sewing machine freeze up

How to unfreeze a sewing machine

First you have to identify where the problem is before you can fix it. The identification process includes but is not limited to the bobbin area, the hand wheel and other moving parts like the needle and so on.

Second, once you have found the problem you have several options you can use:

  1. Clean the machine thoroughly
  2. Use compressed air to blow dirt, etc., out
  3. Remove any debris you find inside the sewing machine
  4. Brush lint, dust and dirt away from hard to reach places
  5. Lubricate metal parts after cleaning them

Your owner’s manual will give you a lot of help in what you need to do and how to do it.It is the first place for you to look to get guidance on this problem. If the information in the owner’s manual doesn’t solve the problem, take your sewing machine to a trained and qualified repairman, especially if it is under warranty

Some final words

A frozen sewing machine is not always a major issue. As you can see a simple cleaning can solve the issue in no time. When you clean make sure you follow the instructions on how much oil to use.

Only a drop or two is needed and the you have to use sewing machine oil. Any other lubricant may have you back cleaning the machine again.

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