How to Properly use a Callus Shaver

Calluses are a common case to many individuals who engage in heavy activities such as athletes and workouts, which apply pressure and friction to contact body areas. Despite their cushioning benefits, when left unchecked for long periods, they may result in severe consequences such as breaking of skin and immense pain affecting the normal performance of the affected individuals. For some individuals, it is also a matter of maintaining skincare and beauty and calluses often make the skin rough and unappealing. Thus, calluses often need to be removed and appropriately managed to avoid these side effects associated.

One of the popularly proposed management and removal method is by the use of a callus shaver tool. The use of this shaver is, however, dangerous and often requires cautionary measures to be taken while following a strict user guideline.

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Steps to be followed

#1. Acquiring and preparing the shaver

The first step in using a callus shaver is to ensure that you have the best model in the market. You have to make sure that the callus remover is clean and sanitized and that the blades are new and fitted correctly in the device. This will maintain the hygiene levels during the shaving while maintaining safety and minimizing the risk of infection from the device.

#2. Preparation of the calluses

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This step involves the preparation and inspection of the area with the calluses. This is often the feet and the hands. Therefore, you will make sure to identify the specific areas with the calluses by visual aid and running your hands and feeling the tough areas on parts not clearly visible.

The preparation of the skin may take two phases in that; you may decide to use the callus shaver on the dry calluses, which is the most recommended due to safety benefits or, you may soak your feet and callus for some time to soften it.

#3. The actual shaving

In this step you will have to follow specific procedure for shaving the calluses.

  • You will first place the callus shaver properly on top of the callus with the smooth base of the shaver pressing against it.
  • Then, with the blade properly positioned, you will gently apply pressure on the callus shaver and slowly drag it back and forth.
  • Thus, while gently gliding over the callus, it will slice up small pieces of it hence slowly removing it.
  • You should continually continue the above gliding and slicing until all the hard skin is removed and the skin in the foot or hand affected are all leveled.

You should, however, note that with time, the shaved off callus often builds up on the callus shaver blocking the blades and reducing the performance. This can, however, usually be rectified by gently and frequently tapping the shaver on a hard surface to dislodge the stuck skin pieces forcefully.

It is also essential to note that soaked and super soft skins are often prone to injuries. This is because it may be easy for the blades to slice off much bigger chunks of skin into the healthy skin tissues, which could result in pain and bleeding. Therefore, users should always be extra cautious and vigilant when dealing with much soft skin.

#4. Moisturization of the skin

The final step will be to rehydrate the shaved skin. This will require washing of the shaved region and maybe a little scrubbing by a file or pumice stone, then drying it with a towel and finally applying a moisturizer cream to rehydrate it and maintain the softness.

All these steps should be performed under sufficient lighting conditions to prevent any unnecessary self-inflicted injuries.

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