How to Use a Concealed Carry Purse

Concealed carry purses are a potential solution for women who want to carry a gun but don’t want to wear it under their clothing. There are plenty of reasons why concealing a weapon under your clothing isn’t always practical when you’re a woman. For one thing, women’s clothing tends to be closer-fitting, more drapey and clingier than men’s clothes, which could cause visible lumps and bumps. The natural curves of the female body and the fact that dresses don’t have waistbands to hold a gun holster could also make concealed carrying uncomfortable or difficult. If you choose to use a concealed carry purse, it’s important to do so safely.

How to Use a Concealed Carry Purse 1

How to Wear a Concealed Carry Purse

It’s best to buy a concealed carry purse with a holster designed to hold a gun. It’s never a good idea to carry a weapon in a regular handbag. It’s important that you wear your concealed carry purse in a way that makes it easy to draw and fire your weapon quickly and safely.

You should practice drawing from your purse extensively, and we’ll talk more about how to do that later on. So that you can access your gun quickly in the way you practiced, you should always wear or carry your purse in exactly the same place on your body with the openings and fastenings in the same location. You should always attach the holster in an identical place inside the purse every time you use it. Make sure that the angle of the holster is perfect for you to find and hold the grip should you ever need your weapon in an emergency.

How to Practice Drawing Your Weapon

If you ever have to use your firearm in an emergency situation, you’ll most likely be under significant stress. It’s easy to forget all the training you’ve done when faced with danger. Instead, you will need to rely on muscle memory and actions that have become second nature. You should practice the procedure and movements involved in drawing your weapon from your concealed carry purse over and over until it becomes second nature. You should follow these steps while practicing:

  • Make sure you undo the holster in exactly the same way every time you draw
  • Make sure the purse is pointed so that the muzzle isn’t directed towards your body
  • Rotate your body a little to make sure the area of your purse containing the muzzle is directed safely
  • Use your dominant hand to grip the gun and don’t place your index finger in the trigger guard. Instead, allow it to lie along the gun’s edge. Pull the gun out firmly while your non-dominant hand tugs the purse away at the same time.

This is the quickest and safest way to remove a gun from a concealed carry purse and get yourself into the correct position to fire.

The Bottom Line

If you use a concealed carry purse, it’s important to be sure that you can draw your gun quickly in an emergency. If you choose this method to conceal carry, you should commit plenty of time to practice drawing your weapon as swiftly and safely as possible.

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