How To Use A Wand Massager

There are a variety of uses

And some of those uses are triple X rated. But there is a clean way to use these massagers you may not know about. That clean way will help you get ready for work, recover from your physical activities as well as make your arms, back and legs feel better.

What a wand massager can do

You can get some benefit out of a wand massager beyond the pursuit of sexual pleasure. These devices work wonders on sore, tired muscles and help you get a good night’s rest.

That rest is important if you want to get up the next morning and get your work done. Here are some things about best back massager can do for you:

  1. Relieve muscle and joint pain
  2. Reduce swelling
  3. Reduce stress and tension
  4. Increase energy flow

All of these areas help you to function properly and make it easier for you to do your job.

How to use a wand massager

There are two types of wand massagers. The battery operated one and the one connected to the power cord. So the first step is to either plug it in or check the batteries to see if they are fully charged or not. Replace them if they are close to dying out.

back massager

The second step is to sit down in a comfortable chair or sofa and take your shirt off or your trousers off depending on where your sore muscles are. You want direct contact for the best results.

Next, you turn on the massager and place the top against the sore muscle in your arm or leg. Use a gentle motion and rub the area until the soreness or tightness goes away. Or massage gently for 20 seconds before moving on to the next muscle.

When massaging your lymph nodes you have to be sure to use very light pressure. Try to avoid the injured area and go around it. If you are working on your acupressure points, no movement is needed.

Also, you can go over your knee, ankle and arm joints to make sure the ligaments remain in good shape. Just remember you do not need a heavy touch when doing these movements. Even your back will benefit from a light touch.

When you are done, just turn the device off, let it cool down and then put it away till the next time.

Some final words

It doesn’t take much to learn how to use a wand massager. The key is to use a gentle yet firm touch and movement. You do not need to press too hard as you let the massager do the work to loosen up those muscles.

Soon your back, arms and joints will be ready to face life again.

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