How To Use a Walkie Talkie

Staying off the grid

It is easy to do all it takes is to learn how to use the best walkie talkie and you can communicate without being traced. The key to using this device is to know that only one personal can speak at one time. Once you press the talk button you cannot hear the pother person.

How to use walkie talkie

It is not a hard device to learn how to use. You should master it in minutes whether you are a private school or public school student. The first thing you do is turn it on and dial in the channel you want to use.

Most walkie talkies come with a back lit digital display screen so finding the channel is not hard at all. Then you press the talk button when you want to talk and release it when it is time to listen.

That is it. It is not rocket science and you can communicate with friends and loved ones for up to 3 miles on a good set.

walkie talkie

The language of walkie talkies

This is the important part of using a walkie talkie. You need to use the right words so that your communication is heard and understood. Here are a few of those words:

Over- you are telling the other person you have finished talking

Out- this tells the other person you are signing off for now

Read – this is used to see if the other person heard you or not. Sometimes the word Copy is used instead of the word read

Wilco- this is used by the other person when they have heard your words and will comply

Those are the key words to use when communicating to another person over a walkie talkie. Now some people think that walkie talkies are the same as CB radios. They are not. Unfortunately, they like to use CB radio talk when they use a walkie talkie.

Some confusion may take place if you are not sure what they mean:

Breaker- when you want to start talking

Negatory – No

Affirmative- Yes

10-4- roger

10-1 – can’t hear you or bad reception

10-9 – please repeat what you said

10-20 what is your location

10-36 – what time is it

10-77- what is your ETA

Some final words

It is simple to use a walkie talkie and you generally do not need a license or pay a monthly fee or sign up to a plan. Plus, they are small enough to fit into your pocket, briefcase or backpack with ease.

Then if you have a hard time hearing different words, you can always spell them out use the alpha, bravo… system of communication. Communication is easy once you understand the language and kow how to use the devices.

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