Learn How To Wash A Duffle Bag The Right Way

When your duffle bag is a mess and needs to be washed, you will want to know how to do that right so you won’t ruin it. You may need to wash it by hand to get all of the dirt out, or you might be able to put it in the washing machine. Below are a few tips that you can use to make sure that you know how to wash a duffle bag well and will not ruin it in the process.

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Be Gentle On The Duffle Bag

If you recently bought the duffle bag, then you will want to be gentle on it so it will stay in good shape. If the bag is older, then you still will want to be gentle with it because it could fall apart if it is too old and you put it in the washing machine or something like that. The best way to be gentle with the bag may be to get a washcloth wet and wipe down the bag wherever there is dirt.

You Can Wash It Last-Minute

If you are in a rush to get the duffle bag washed because you are going to be heading out on a trip and need to fill it, then you can wash it with a damp cloth and use a hairdryer to dry it. Put it on a low heat setting and just go over the places where you have gotten it wet. Don’t use too much soap on your washcloth or you will need to rinse it out and get it overly damp, but just put enough soap and water on the cloth to give it a quick wash.

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Check Out Your Washing Machine And The Duffle Bag

If you don’t like the thought of washing it by hand, then you can check out your washing machine to see what kind of gentle cycles it has available. You can also check the bag to see what materials it is made from and if it has any directions on how to wash a duffle bag. If it is made from polyester materials and seems to be pretty sturdy, then you may be able to get away with putting it in the wash.

Consider Airing It Out

After you have washed the bag, you may still notice an off-putting scent in it. If so, then consider airing it out on your porch. Also, you can use some fabric sprays in it to freshen it up a bit. You might not even need to get it too wet to make it seem much cleaner, but you can just freshen it up a bit and get it to smell better to make a big difference with it.

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