Its all in where you carry your concealed weapon

This is a vital subject that you have to think about and go through the pros and cons. There are a variety of ways to carry a concealed weapon for either men and women. It just becomes a bit more complicated for women.

One way to carry a concealed weapon is the purse and there are pros and cons of carrying a purse with a gun inside. If you are uncomfortable using the other conceal carry options, the purse may be the way to go.

Its all in where you carry your concealed weapon 1

Conceal carry options

Before we get to the issues involved with carrying a gun in your purse it is important to review the other options first. This helps you to see why the purse maybe your best option

  • #1. In pant holster- harder to hide, can be uncomfortable as well as rub against your skin. The holster sits inside your pants looking bulky as well as adding an element of risk.
  • #2. Spandex holder, if you are the sultry, sophisticated dresser, this may be an option. All it this option does it allow you to carry your concealed weapon on your thigh. It is a piece of spandex that you slip your gun into and lets you access it at the right moment.
  • #3. Bra holster– give two of your assets even more power. It is not a comfortable fit and may not be the best option as the gun size may not be that large. As the label says it attaches to your bra.
  • #4. Fanny packs– These are small and may be difficult to gain access to your gun and ammunition. They also do not look that good and they can be easily taken away from you
  • #5. The purse– you can carry different sizes of guns, hide them well and have them accessible at all times. Also, you can hold a lot of ammunition at the same time to make sure you do not run out of bullets at the wrong time.

The cons of a concealed carry purse

  • #1. with a cluttered and full purse to work your way through to get your gun may cost you valuable time
  • #2. smaller items may get inside the gun and jam it. Eyebrow pencils and similar objects are famous for doing that
  • #3. purse snatching is still a popular way to steal your persona items. A concealed gun inside is lost and can get you in trouble with the police if it is used in another crime

Some final words

Despite the negative aspects to carrying you gun concealed in a purse, it is still your best option. The other locations are riskier and more uncomfortable. Also it is easy for others to see that you are carrying a weapon on you. And at last, all of the guns, need bullets, so if you need this please check here.

Find the right purse that has a secure pocket to keep the gun ready at all times.

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