Nursing has enough challenges

When you enter the nursing profession, you are faced with daily challenges that can make you rethink your career choice. While some of those challenges are difficult to overcome getting the right shoes is not one of them.

The right footwear can make all the difference and help you meet those other challenges with the right attitude. Then when your shift is over, you can go home to your family knowing you will be in a great mood. It is all because you wore the right shoes to work that day

Nursing has enough challenges 1

Some top comfortable shoes to wear

The good news is that you have a large selection of comfortable shoes that will overcome your footwear challenge. Keep in mind that there is no one size or make of shoe that fits every nurse.

You need to find the pair that does the job for you and keep your feet happy. Here are only 3 brands of shoes that will make your nursing life easier. This list is just a start and a little more searching on your part will turn up more options for you.

#1. Dr,. Scholl’s Women’s Kimberly Work Shoe

This slip resistant work shoe is tough and should be able to handle the demands nursing places upon your feet. It is made from 100% leather which is combined a with breathable mesh lining.

Dr. Scholl’s knows feet and they know how to create a top comfortable shoe for nurses and their long duty hours. This pair of shoes are durable and very dependable.

#2. Nurse Mates Women’s Angel Lace-up shoes

Being a nurse also means keeping your uniform looking nice and good. These top nursing shoes complete your uniform’s look without sacrificing any comfort or durability.

The leather uppers are designed to protect your feet without putting undue stress or strain on them. With a lace up style your shoes remain comfortable and secure as you are in total control of those characteristics. If you do not want bulky looking feet, these are the shoes to wear.

#3. Sticky Shoes Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes

Once these colorful shoes are on your feet, your are making a fashion statement. You are saying that nurses do not have to look like little old ladies but can be hip, fun as well as stylish when on duty

Then the best part of wearing these shoes is that they are waterproof. You are adding a layer of protection to your feet as these shoes stop blood and other spilled liquids from e=reaching them

Their design also helps absorb shocks and impacts while keeping their lightweight nature.

Some final words

When you want a top nursing shoe, there are over 20 different styles to choose from. Just remember that you are not built the same as other nurses and yo need your own style of nursing shoe that keeps you safe, protected as well as comfortable.

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