Stair Climber Workout Routine

Getting fit

Doesn’t take much. What you need most is patience and dedication to make sure you lose the weight you want and trim those inches off. In getting fit many people ignore the stair climber

Why they do that is known only to them. They may think that there are better exercise machines to use. But the stair climber can be an important cog in your exercise routine and help you get in shape faster than those other machines.

Stair climber workout routine

vertical climber

The best vertical climber is a high impact exercise that really helps your cardio workout. The key to using them is not to lean heavily on the handles and do not slouch.

Here are a couple of workouts you can use on a stair climber:

  • #1. the 20 minute walk in the park workout

First you have to warm up for a few minutes. Getting the muscles ready is vital if you want to benefit from this workout.

Second, do a 60 second high paced walk

Third, after the 60 seconds do a slow paced slower walk for 30 seconds

Fourth repeat about 12 times without stopping

  • #2. 2 minute speed builder workout

First, warm up and that means just walk slowly on the step climber till your muscles are ready. That should take about 2 minutes

Second, start off at 50% of your total speed and then suddenly increase to 90%. do this four times in 2 minutes

Third, do a 1 minute cool down stroll on the machine

The benefits of a stair climber workout

Every exercise you do has some benefits and the stair climber is no exception to this rule. Here are those benefits

  1. It is low impact so your joints are protected and stay healthy
  2. Helps you lose weight
  3. The exercise strengthens your muscles
  4. The machine tones your body
  5. Helps get your cardio in shape better
  6. Builds bone strength
  7. Promotes production of those feel good hormones
  8. Lowers cholesterol levels

There are two types of stair climbers

Every since its creation as a stair master in 1983, stair climbers have been getting people in shape at home and at the gym. It is an easy device to use and it mimics climbing real stairs.

The first model is simply a stair stepper machine and it is usually just called a stepper. This is where you take steps and the foot pads follow your feet up and down. The second model is called the step mill and it has a rolling set of stairs. Like a stair case that never ends.

Some final words

Getting into shape and looking good doe snot mean you have to to suffer. You can use the stair climber and still get into a toned body that is healthy. It just takes time to do it.

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