Tire Shiner and Why it’s Important

Tire shiner and why it’s important

Some of the most important aspects of a vehicle are its wheels. To accomplish the simple task of keeping them from UV rays, road grime and other contaminants that could be avoidable, people use tire shine, also called tire dressing. Tire shine is a chemical formula with the intention of keeping or restoring black rubber that has faded. After tire shine is applied to the tire of the vehicle, it has a dark glossy finish. There are three main types of Tire shines waxes, dressings, and sealants. The group is made primarily of waterborne and silicone-based materials that are mixed with oils that restore the product. It lubricates the dried out rubber to make it new again.

Wax-based is a long-lasting tire shiner that can be compared to shoe polish. You leave it on for a bit so that it fully soaks into the rubber of the tire, and then you wipe it off. Long-lasting tire shiners do not replace the normal car wash. They are not made to remove dirt or brake dust. It provides a protective coating to the tire and protects it from UV (ultraviolet) rays. It also adds a shiny finish. The sealant type is simply synthetic, or artificial, and also provides a protective coating on the tire. Within these three groups, there is matte, satin, and glossy. Water-based tire shine is much more environment-friendly.

Tire Shiner and Why it's Important 1

Although everything that was previously stated sounds safe and completely friendly, there are some pros and cons you should consider before purchasing any of these products.


Tire dressing can help present cracking and fading and the hardening of sidewalls.

It can also revitalize or restore the previous condition of the rubber.

It can be used as a spray bottle which makes it much easier to apply.

Water-based products are environmentally conscious.


If the solvent-based tire shiner remains wet, it can easily sling to the paint of your car.

Petroleum distillates in the product, can harm the tire and cause cracking.

Applying aerosol dressing can easily spray onto the brake routers, damaging them and causing brake failure.

It cannot be used on motorcycle tires!

There are several ways you can apply a dressing to a vehicle’s tires and depending on which product you choose to get, it may have the instructions right on the packaging. But a big mistake most vehicle owners make while applying the product is using a spray tire shine product. These bottles contain chemicals that dry out rubber instead of hydrating them and making sure they don’t fade, crack, or dry out. If you are to use one of these products, spray it on a microfiber towel first then apply it.

Some tips you may need to know:

Use foam applicators. They provide an even application of the tire shine and will help you avoid hitting vehicle areas that are crucial to staying away from when you are applying tire shine.

Don’t leave the dressing wet. As soon as you start driving all of the wet applicants are going to sling off your tires and onto the paint of your car. Use a microfiber towel to dry the sidewalls before driving.

Do not apply to the tire tread. It’s okay to do the entire sidewall but it’s important not to apply tire shiner to the tire tread because when you start driving you immediately lose traction which can cause an accident.

Take your time. Do not rush to apply tire shiner because it will lead to messy applicants and it will look more crappy than it was supposed to because you didn’t take your time.

All of these factors are important to know and should be considered before purchasing a tire shiner. It’s important to make sure your vehicle runs great but make sure you’re choosing a great product and are doing a great job, too.

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