What is walkie talkie

Its a great communication device

Long before cell phones were invented people communicated over different distances through walkie talkies. When answering the question what is the best walkie talkie ? You can say that it is a portable hand held communication device that runs on batteries while sending and receiving messages.

The military versions had longer antennas and could reach longer distances but technology has been able to make the device more compact and use a shorter antenna without sacrificing range or quality of sound.

What is the range of a walkie talkie

That is going to depend on whom you are talking to. If you ask that question of the manufacturer, they will say between 20 ad 30 miles. But if you talk to a user who uses these devices in real world conditions, then their answer will by up to 3 miles if you are lucky.

walkie talkie

The reach of a walkie talkie depends on how many obstacles are in the way. Trees, hills, buildings all cut down the range you can reach when using them. The more obstacles there are the more static and missed words you will receive.

Another obstacle that you cannot control is the weather. Since walkie talkies use radio signals, the weather can influence the signal weakening it to the point where it is useless to use the device. The best conditions to use one is on a sunny, clear day.

How to improve the range of the walkie talkie

There are 4 ways you can improve the range and reception of your walkie talkie:

  • #1. you need altitude- the higher you go, the fewer obstructions are n your way and your range should increase significantly
  • #2. Hold your device right- radio waves are sent out in horizontal waves, thus holding them at an angle will miss those waves or not catch them fully. Hold the walkie talkie straight up and down for best communication
  • #3. Add to your antenna- there are antenna extenders you can purchase which when attached to your current device boosts your range
  • #4. Increase the power- you do this by adding good rechargeable batteries that produce top wattage. The more wattage the longer your range

How to prevent interference

One type of interference is other people using the 22 channels reserved for the Family Radio Service frequency. To avoid picking up other people’s communication just use a privacy code. Its an extra set of121 sub channels you are allowed to use.

Some final words

To put the answer to what is walkie talkie simple, all you have to say is that it is a great way to communicate in an emergency without having to pay a lot of monthly fees. They are good when you can’t wait for someone to answer their phone.

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