Welding is a risky job !

Welding jackets are clothing items made of thermal insulating and fire resistant items used by welders for personal protection from excessive heat and metal objects. The metal objects are always harmful and dangerous to the body. Fabrics used in making welding jackets are always fire resistant and durable and are electrical resistant. It is always made of high quality materials like nylon straps, cotton, denim, carbon fiber, rubber and leather. There are several different designs of welding jackets i.e. Miller electric 2241909, Revco Bsx, West Chester IRONCAT 7005 among others.

Welding is a risky job ! 1

Leather is created by tanning of animal hides that makes it durable and resistant to burn. The leather mainly comes from cows, pigs and deer hides. The leathers are dried for a long time and it makes it less abrasive. Though cotton is flammable, its derivative adding caustic soda to produce sateen that makes it softer and flame resistant, rayon or aramid is also used since its durable comfortable. Though rayon is non-insulating, aramid is used for protection from heat and flames. Carbon fibers are commonly known for high-temperature utility when combined with graphite and it’s taken through a process to make it less stiff. The jackets are always with long sleeves to help protect the welders arm.

Welding is a risky job, daily use of welding jackets helps in putting out heat, sparks, metal and fumes that are dangerous to the human body. Without the use of the jacket, welders are always at a health risk. It should provide the user with comfortable and protection of the highest quality available. It is generally used for personal protection.

Welding jackets like the JF1625-NG have looped knit yarns at the back. The knit yarns are always extremely flexible offering comfortable stretch thus increasing air flow through the jacket. Increased in the airflow through the fabric creates more comfort and cooling effect that help during hot days and as the job heats up.

Unlike other jackets that are always heavy and hot during the sunny days, welding jackets are never too heavy to work in. a welder that uses recommended welding jacket always find it easy and swift to move around the workshop due its light nature when put on.

Most welding jackets have a high collar neck. The high collar s are always used to protect the neck when the welder is welding. It also has a Velcro strap on the necks for adjustments. Its buttons are always in snap design. The snap button is for swift and fast closure and taking off to save time and energy.

Welding jackets are always not expensive. They are affordable and easily available for the users. They are also durable. A welding jacket can be used and last for a long time. Its durability depends on how the user handles it.

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