What attracts roaches?

What attracts roaches? They are attracted by simple needs. They need food, shelter and water. If you leave food on dirty dishes or around the kitchen. You will find a lot of roaches in the area. It is necessary to keep your kitchen clean and you will reduce the number of roaches. The roaches are omnivorous insects which feed on a wide range of particles. You will find them living in tiny crevices. In most cases, they will cause nuisance in your home. Many home owners look for ways of getting rid of them. You can count on several roach removal methods to get them out of your home. They are known to contaminate your food among other issues. It is necessary to take steps and it will be easy to manage the issue of roaches. Here are some of the simple things that can attract roaches to your home or kitchen:

Food on the counter

roaches in your car
cockroach – Blatta lateralis

If you have a habit of leaving food on the counter, then very soon your home will be invested with roaches. They prefer places where they can access food easily. The roaches are known to compete for food and they will multiply very fast. You will find them laying eggs in crevices which will then lead to a lot of roaches in the process. There are several methods you can apply to remove them. Go for the pest methods to remove them and it will be very easy to get rid of them.


The roaches would like to have a warm place to stay. In most cases, you will find them near fireplaces and kitchen where they can enjoy the warmth from the cooker. They tend to multiply fast when exposed to warmth. It is hard to do away with warmth from your home. You need to look for the most effective insecticides which you can apply and it will be easy for you to get rid of the roaches. You also might be interested in get rid roaches in your car.

Moisture and shelter

The perfect shelter for roaches is crevices. They will tend to accumulate in homes or kitchens where there are several crevices where they can shelter. It is common to find the roaches under leaking taps. They would like to stay in a place where they will enjoy moisture from the leaking pipes. The best way to control the infestation involves looking for ways you can reduce moisture in your home.

Dirty dishes in the sink

Leaving dishes in the skin with food stains can be the perfect way for the roaches to access food. Maintaining high level of cleanness can be a great way to manage the roach infestation. Many people who struggle to manage roach infestation are fond of leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

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