What is a gun holster?

There is nothing more dangerous than placing a loaded firearm in your pants. A holder puts a barrier between the firearm and your body. It can’t be comfortable having metal rubbing you for hours. Can you think of anything more terrifying than having a loaded gun in your purse and your child gets ahold of it? It is much safer in a holster protecting it from any objects inside of the purse pulling the trigger. It would be horrible not knowing where the bullet would fly. It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

What is a gun holster?

A holster is a device made to keep the firearm restricted and the person holding it safe. All gun holsters are kept in an easy accessible place on the body. There are different options choose from in the style department. Some of them spread the weight so it doesn’t cause any issues. The holsters are more comfortable wearing them than keeping the gun in your pocket.

What is a gun holster? 1

Where are the holsters located?

• Hip

• Ankle

• Shoulder

• Pocket

Hip The most common holster used is the hip holster for the best concealment and quickest withdrawal. There are two choices, inner waistband or outer waistband. Inner waistband is better for concealment in tight-fitting clothing. The outer waistband will show the gun if your shirt is lifted.

Shoulder This product is great for long barrel guns, heavier guns, or if you spend a lot of time sitting or driving. If you are driving this product won’t affect the seat belt at all. It’s all about the accessibility of the firearm and how easy it can be withdrawn.

Ankle This product is great if you need a backup firearm. If you are seated at work or even dragging it may be easier accessible than holding on the waistband. Most security and police officers wear ankle holders for the extra protection in a time of need.

A duty holster Depending the size and model of your firearm a duty holster can be attached to the belt or the thigh. They ensure no person can forcefully take your firearm but yet you can remove it easily.

Safety should always be first when dealing with firearms. Holsters will protect you and innocent people around you from any random firing. Guns are great to have for protection and hunting. There is a sense of pride from knowing how to provide food for your family. Being able to protect your loved ones at all times is important.

Carrying a firearm will ensure that you and everyone around you will be safe if an intruder comes to rob or kill. You can deflect the situation before anyone gets hurt. Having your firearm safe in the holster will make it easy for you to withdraw and fire if needed in a speedy manner.

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