What is a zero clearance fireplace

Everyone loves a fire

Well almost everyone. They are comforting, warm and even nice to look at. The may a house a home. Like fires, a fireplace comes in many different types. Some are called zero tolerance fireplaces and their construction is unique and meant to save you money and space.

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What is a zero clearance fireplace

The definition of a zero tolerance fireplace is not in the hearth to your living room or family room floor. Now is it in how high the fireplace can be put on your wall. Also, the words zero tolerance does not mean that you can omit the metal log holder.

What a zero tolerance fireplace does is allow you to remove buffer zones, spacers and place the fire place right up against any combustible construction material your carpenters used in construction your home.

They are great for older homes as these fire places use a system of vents instead of a brick chimney to draft air and release the smoke outside.

The benefits of owning a zero tolerance fireplace

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You can say that the answer to what is a zero tolerance fireplace is that it is a device that comes with lots of heart warming and economical benefits. Here are those benefits:

  1. They are versatile- these devices can be placed in a variety of rooms like basements, garages, living rooms, bedrooms, even attics.
  2. They are energy efficient- they can reach up to 70% efficiency when regular fireplaces may only reach 10%
  3. They are inexpensive to install- you do not have to pay for expensive masonary work or a large chimney
  4. They do not get overly hot- the exterior of these devices do not get hot enough to burn any combustible material it is placed against
  5. They give you a choice- these devices can burn wood or gas. It is up to you how to make your house a home
  6. They are versatile- they can be installed in any type of home including mobile homes

What are zero tolerance fireplaces made of

There are two good construction materials used to make these convenient fireplaces. The first construction material is sheet metal. The second is cast iron and neither metal heat up enough to cause a fire in your home.

Then the venting system is made from prefabricated metals. This design cuts out the use of bricks and mortar which can be expensive when building a new chimney. Glass doors are also part of the construction.

These doors work open or closed and let you view the fire any way you want to see it.

Some final words

If you are a fan of fires and can’t afford a real fireplace then the zero tolerance fireplace is the option for you. They go anywhere you need them to be and should not cost you an arm or a leg in purchasing them.

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