What to consider when searching for a concealed carry holster

There are significant issues

When women go out to buy a concealed carry holster they may find it difficult to get a holster that fits their bodies. The reason for this issue is not because women come in all shapes, sizes and heights.

The difficulty lies in that the majority of concealed carry holsters are designed to fit the male body. The different concealed carry holsters are designed to fit the male body and the male needs.

What to consider when searching for a concealed carry holster 1

Take the differences into account

These differences apply to both the kind of holster you buy and the size of gun you should carry. Take a few moments and see what you have to think about before you make your purchase.

  1. Hand size- a female’s hand is generally smaller than a male’s. You have to make sure your hand can safely and easily reach the grip of the gun when it is in your new holster
  2. Body length difference- from the armpit to the hip a male figure is longer than a female’s. This means you may have a little difficulty getting the draw action correct because the holster is too long for your body size. The holster may have to be lower on a woman than a man to get the draw right and smooth.
  3. Hip size- a woman’s hips are wider than a man’s. This means you will need to make adjustments in order to get the rake and cant of the holster just right
  4. Physical strength differences- women, for the most part, are not as strong as a man. That means you need a lot of physical strength to draw your gun out of its holster. There are some designs that work better for women than men because they are made to work with weaker strength people
  5. Clothing- this is a big one because of the vanity issue. It is pretty difficult to carry a concealed weapon and holster when wearing a formal evening gown or party dress. You are going to have to rethink the clothes you wear if you want to carry a weapon with you.

Plus, the weather is going to affect what clothes you wear. You have to take those clothing items into account when you want to carry your pistol when it is raining, snowing or even a nice hot sunny day

Some final words

Getting a concealed carry holster is not as simple as going to the store and purchasing one. There is a lot to think about and consider before you purchase your holster and weapon.

Take all the time you need to seriously go through what is involved before you decide to buy your weapon and holster. A concealed carry holster should work with you and your lifestyle not against it.

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