When was the chainsaw invented

The chainsaw was not invented by loggers or anyone associated with the timber industry. It wasn’t even invented by North American although North Americans were not shy about adapting the first models

The answer to the question when was the chainsaw invented depends a lot on who you talk to. There are a couple of different dates floating around and it all depends on which date you will accept.

When was the chainsaw invented

The first date for the invention of the chainsaw is listed as 1780 or 240 years ago. 2 Scottish doctors, John Aitken and James Jeffray, needed a good saw to help them cut bones and clear away the diseased sections.

historical chainsaw

Their invention was a hand powered model and the procedure was called symphysiotomy. The second date used is 1830 and that saw was called the osteotome and it two was used for medical purposes.

A saw for cutting down timber has been known about since antiquity but those models were more hand powered than motorized. The first logging chainsaw was said to be invented in 1920 but protypes may have existed during the 19th century as well.

Records have probably been lost which is why the later date is used. The first portable chainsaw was invented by a Canadian in 1918 but he did not keep his rights to the invention and several people and companies took up the mantle in the 1930s.

The evolution of the chain saw

The modern chainsaws are a far cry from the original models. The hand held medical version was small and had two handles. One for holding and one for spinning the rotor to make the chain move.

From there mechanical saws were built throughout the 19th century but these were heavy devices that were hard to control and maneuver. When McCulloch started producing its chain saws in 1948, the early models were so heavy that they needed wheels or drive lines to get them to the tree.

It was probably in the 1950s when aluminum was experimented with. This tough metal made it possible to cut the weight of the chainsaw down top the point where one man could operate and carry the saw.

Today, chain saws come in all shapes and sizes.

Some final words

When was the first chain saw invented? Well it is really difficult to say as we do not have all the historical records to tell the full and true story about this great invention.

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We have to go with the dates given above. But it is a good thing they were invented as they have made the jobs of logging, fire fighting and other industries a lot easier.

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