Is white water rafting dangerous

When you mix

Rocks and fast moving water then yes you are going to have some risk and some danger involved in any activity you do. It goes without saying that white water rafting is dangerous especially if you do not take safety precautions. You also might be interested in best inflatable river raft.

But that is the bad news. The good news is that white water rafting is probably safer than driving a car down a busy street. Of course, that comparison would change depending on the type of river you are going down.

inflatable river raft

Some rivers are a lot more powerful and swifter than others increasing the risk substantially. Then you can’t always turn to scientific studies to help you as one study will contradict another.

That means you should just stay on the safe side, wear the right safety equipment and have a lot of fun.

The 5 dangers that come with white water rafting

There are 5 main issues that help answer the question is white water rafting dangerous. These issues are always present but you can take steps to prevent their occurrence:

#1. Drowning- this can happen when the raft tips over, you can’t return to the surface for some reason and other factors

#2. Hypothermia- it happens because the water is usually cold

#3. Overexertion- when you are fighting the river and doing other water activities it is possible to have a heart attack, stroke and other fatal conditions

#4. Hitting rocks- you risk broken limbs, concussions, and other injuries when you hit those rocks at high river speeds

#5. getting stuck- there are features in the river you can’t see and it is possible that your arm, leg, foot, etc., gets stuck in them and cause you some harm

is white water rafting dangerous

If you are thinking that safe means no one gets hurt or killed, then no activity you do is safe. There is an element of risk and if you are careful all you will get out of white water rafting is a lot of fun.

In one country, over a 30 year period over 3 million people participated in white water rafting. During that time only 1 death per year took place on average. Also during that time period the sport saw about 106 to 179 injuries per 100,000.

That is not a bad record as in the same country hiking saw 760 injuries per 100,000; surfing had 1,110; mountain biking faced 1,480 and finally horse back riding had a huge 2,860 injuries per 100,000

You can conclude that while white water rafting has some element of danger and risk to it, the sport is not as bad as other outdoor activities. The key here is to make sure you wear the safety equipment to protect yourself without ruining your fun

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